25 Ways YouTube Can Boost Your DRTV Campaign

by Sean Fay on Dec 11, 2014 8:00:00 PM Digital Marketing, DRTV

25_Ways_YouTube_Can_Boost_Your_DRTV_Campaign_2-198395-editedI recently came across an interesting article from ReelSEO that provided some startling facts about YouTube, including:
  • 1 billion people across the world watch YouTube.
  • We watch 6 billion hours of video on YouTube.
  • YouTube had 153 million unique U.S. viewers in July 2014
  • Sixty-eight percent of U.S. viewers choose YouTube to watch online video.
  • YouTube videos influence the purchasing decisions of 53 percent of all consumers in the U.S.
  • YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world.
  • YouTube is the #1 social media platform in the world.

These stats say a lot about YouTube and how popular it has become as a destination for people to consume video content—but more than anything it tells us that the Internet is becoming a visual medium—images, gifs, stills and, of course, video are becoming the way we choose to interact with the Web—share it—learn new things and of course understand.

There are a few reasons for this. It’s been said that up to 90 percent of what goes into our mind is visual—and with so much brain power going towards processing visual stimuli we consume stills, graphics, and video 60,000 times faster than the written word. A picture is worth a 1,000 words and a 60-second video is worth 1.8 million. Use video to get your message across!

25_Ways_to_Use_YouTube_to_Boost_Your_DRTV_Campaign-858994-editedHere is a starter list of videos that you can put on YouTube (and other places) and distribute through your social media universe to help boost your DRTV campaign. Please feel free to add any ideas that you have found helpful!

Before you begin, here are a few guidelines:

  • Know when to ‘do it yourself’ and when to recruit professionals.
  • Use a decent camera or smart phone with HD capability.
  • Stabilize the image with a tripod whenever possible – avoid ‘shaky cam.’
  • Shoot in good lighting.
  • Have a goal for your video.
  • Always have something interesting within the video.
  • Make it entertaining. If you can, keep it fun—boring won’t make it.
  • Make it ‘shareworthy’ by including something interesting and useful that your audience is likely to feel good sharing.  
  • Always obtain permissions and releases.
  • Avoid logos.

A Starter List of 25 Videos

  1. ‘DRYT’ spot – That’s ‘Direct Response YouTube’ spot. This is a short 30-60 second spot designed to grab viewers’ attention, provide your unique selling proposition, deliver value. It also should include a call-to-action for a special limited time offer. You can use annotations to hyperlink to landing pages/offers.  
  2. DRTV spot – Put your TV spot on YouTube to help increase awareness.
  3. Infomercial – Put your infomercial on YouTube to help increase awareness. Many people watch long-form content to learn more.
  4. Testimonial videos – These include satisfied users talking about your product and how it works. Often you can use longer versions of the testimonials than you have time for in the show.
  5. User-generated ‘out of box’ videos – These feature people opening up the box and explaining their first-time experience of your product.
  6. Instructional videos – Demonstrate how to use the product at home. This can cut down on customer services calls and save $$!
  7. Customer service training videos – These can be used to also train your customer service team on how to discuss/use and explain your product so they are knowledgeable and informed!
  8. Wow demos – These demonstrate the unique selling proposition of your product. They can be edited from other pieces including the infomercial.
  9. Behind-the-scenes videos that show how the infomercial was made – This gives an authenticity to the people, the product, and the program that can build trust with the brand.
  10. Visit the factory – This can be done in a fun and informative way and build brand loyalty.
  11. Meet the Personalities – Create video with the main players, such as the host of the infomercial, the inventor, the CEO, the key people who make the product and brand. Get direct-to-camera or interviews with them that give a new perspective.
  12. Expert interviews – Anybody who is an expert on your subject matter; get their perspective of your product or story.
  13. Social-proof videos – Edit together all of your social proof and media into a video that show cases your awards, kudos and write ups.
  14. Employee or staff experience of the product – These provide product insight from their perspective.
  15. Comparison videos – Showcase how your product compares head to head against other products.
  16. Promote an upcoming special event – If you have any ‘tent pole’ events—e.g., Christmas, a big sale, a new product launch that you want to get the word out about— then use video.
  17. New employee orientation – You can use video to educate and motivate your team about the product so they are fired up.
  18. Video news releases – Use video to communicate growth and changes in the company.
  19. Informative social media videos – These include tips and information that are useful.
  20. Fun / creative videos – This a great method for using your product in a new and interesting way.
  21. SEO-based video – Create a video that is optimized to help your SEO and search results.
  22. How-to videos – Show how to do something featuring your product.
  23. Person–on–the–street videos – Go out and get documentary-style footage of people’s first reactions to your videos.
  24. Webcasts/Google hang outs – If you ever do webinars, you can record them and share later.
  25. Thank You videos – Give thanks to your customers with a fun and personal video that showcases your success and gives them really cool and fun content that they can use.

These are just a few ideas for your video marketing strategy. Keep in mind that people go to YouTube for entertaining, informative, and useful information. Make something watchable!

I’d love to hear any ideas of ways you’ve used video to increase your DRTV marketing campaign!

Tablet image courtesy of winnond, FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Sean Fay is CEO Envision Response Group and ENRG Digital.

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