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Cryptocurrency, Your Business and Your Customers

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Social Media Influencers: A Conversation with the FTC

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Three Dynamic Sessions at GIS 2018 You Won’t Want to Miss!

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Online Sales Tax Update

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FCC Revives Its Own Native Advertising Rule: Sponsorship Identification

Multi-Level Marketing in the FTC’s Sights

The FTC’s Blurred Lines Report

Net Neutrality: From Rules to Enforcement

Thank God I Own a Drone

Why Aren’t Companies Giving Year-Round?

Friday Forecast: Mad Men, Brave Women, and the Shame of a Nation

Net Neutrality Day for the Direct Response Industry

This Holiday Season, it’s Mobile Commerce or Bust!

Friday Forecast: One of Our Own Captures the Spirit of the Holidays

A Busy Fall for Direct Response & Government Affairs

Should You Use Your Debit or Credit Card for Your Holiday Shopping?

One is No Longer the Loneliest Number

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Net Neutrality is Back

Equifax – The Continued Fallout

How MuteSix is Making Direct Response Ads Work at Scale on Facebook

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Direct Response Congressional Champion Retiring – What’s Next For Online Sales Tax?

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Friday Forecast: Principles of Influence Part 6: Social Proof is Positive Proof

Heads Up DRTV: Data Breach Activity Galore

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Trump Nominates a New Federal Trade Commission Chairman

Friday Forecast: Principles of Influence Part 5: Consistency: Our Tendency to Double Down on Decisions

The FTC's $9.8 Million "Free Trials" Refund

Friday Forecast: But Wait...There Really is More...5 Fast Takeaways From Lipstick's Francine Bergman

Marketplace Vendors Offered Voluntary Closing Agreement Program for State Tax Exposure

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Managing the Risk of Negative Option Offers and Other Marketing Strategies

Running Down Amazon’s New Return Policy & Why It’s Not the Disaster Retailers Expect

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66 Percent of Americans Oppose the Internet Sales Tax

What Does The Internet Have To Do With It? EVERYTHING

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Trump’s Data Breach Dilemma

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Checking Up on CAN-SPAM

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Roadkill on the Path to the Future

Good News For Direct Response Marketers: Operation Choke Point is Dead

A Glimpse Into the Future for Direct Response Marketers

Friday Forecast: Principles of Influence Part 1: The Power of Liking

State Consumer Protection and Enforcement in an ERA of Federal Deregulation

Friday Forecast: 'TV Everywhere': The Third Era of TV Has Arrived

What Does Your Payment Process Say About Your Business?

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Back That Claim Up! Examining Claim Substantiation

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What’s Telemarketing Got to Do with It?

Friday Forecast: Amazon Prime Day Proves the Power of Scarcity

California Advertising: Automatic Renewal & Continuous Service Offers

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Highlights From the 2017 Government Affairs Fly-In

Smart Buy

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SXSW 2017: Trends and Observations

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Friday Forecast: One From the Heart

Do Direct Response Marketers Need Protection from the Phishers?

What Makes a Great Tagline

The Passing of "Product Queen" and ERA Member Arline Kramer

Payments 101 for Merchants: Understanding the Process, Key Terms, Fee Arrangements, and Other Basics

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Operation Choke Point Meets the Trump Administration

Friday Forecast: What Can the Industry Do About Fake Reviews?

How Adopting a ‘Site-to-Store’ Strategy Can Minimize Your Attribution Woes

Chairman Ohlhausen Announces a Whale of an Agenda for Consumer Protection

Electronic Retailing Association Welcomes New Member: Evine

Who Is This Net Neutrality Weed Whacker?

Tuesday Forecast: Super Bowl LI Ads - America The Beautiful

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Trump’s Looming Trade Wars

Looking Forward with ERSP

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Sean Reyes For Federal Trade Commission Chair?

How Digital Credentials Will Impact Retail in 2017

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CES 2017: Welcome to the Era of Acute Consumer Control

No, You Don’t Have the Next Hit in That Hot Category – But Here’s Why You Think You Do

Mark Your Calendars: ERA Continues Webinar Series

Why We Love The Federal Trade Commission (And You Should, Too!)

Retailers: Are You Agile Enough to Withstand What’s In Store for 2017?

The Ultimate Direct Response Cheat Sheet for the Trump Era

ERA's Network NYC Success!

Celebrating the Holidays with ERA!

Southeast Asia: The Next Major Consumer Market?

Three Kinds of Consumers Every Brand Should Know

Six eCommerce Customer Service Must-Haves

4 Ways e-Commerce Businesses Can Achieve Product-Market Fit

Three Tips for Using Email Segmentation to Boost Retention

Three Vulnerabilities Affecting Electronic Retailers this Holiday Season

The Risks of Improper Shipping Practices and How to Avoid Them

The Trump Era?

What Are You Thankful For?

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Peter Koeppel’s 6-Part Series on Trend Spotting: Part 6, Media Attribution

Best Practices for Integrating Conversational Commerce into Retail

Peter Koeppel’s 6-Part Series on Trend Spotting: Part 5, Mass Retail

The Consumer Protection Round-Up!

"The Influencers:" A 60 Minutes’ Segment All Marketers Must See

Peter Koeppel’s 6-Part Series on Trend Spotting: Part 4, Social Media

Peter Koeppel’s 6-Part Series on Trend Spotting: Part 3, Mobile

Responding to a data breach?

Into the Fold

3 Tips to Keep Loyalty Program Members Engaged

ERSP to Lead Roundtable at Direct Selling Association Conference

Trend Spotting: Online (Part 2)

Why Maine? Why Not!

Feds Arrest Employee for Stealing Direct Response Company’s Trade Secrets

The Fall of DR’s Discontent

[Session Video] Game of Fives: How to Win on TV and Digital in 5 Minutes

Mobile Guidance for Interest-Based Advertising

Get Ready for the Holiday Surge

Trend Spotting: Offline (Part 1)

How Social Media Can Make or Break Your Brand

Field Report: 5 Ways to Lose Your Shirt in DRTV

[Video] Amazing Discoveries Infomercial Features Power Steamer - 1991

FTC Releases Staff Perspectives on Lead Generation

InventHelp-INPEX New Product Showcase Revealed Inventor of the Year at D2C Convention

Christmas in October: Pros & Cons of Early Holiday Sales

ERA is a Participatory Sport

2016 D2C Convention: Thanks for the Memories!

[VIDEO] Giant Spoon’s Mikael Greenlief Focuses on Connected Storytelling During D2C Keynote

Legal Experts Talk Self-Regulation During ERA D2C Convention

How to Know You’re Getting the Most Out of Social Media Marketing

Protecting a Brand in Cyberspace

4 Lessons from a Busy Media Year

Navigating Amazon’s River of Data

One Thing Leads to Another

ERA Reveals 2016 Moxie Award Winners

[D2C Recap] Wednesday Marked the Opening of the Show Floor, Giant Spoon Keynote

[D2C Recap] Masters Series Sessions and Industry Women’s Council Highlight Day 1

D2C Attendees Tee Off in the Desert

[Session Spotlight] Trend Spotting: Benchmarking the Present and Predicting the Future of Marketing

Lindsey Carnett Named 2016 ERA Volunteer of the Year

STiKi CEO Sees ERA’s D2C as Ideal Venue for Sharing New Ideas

European and U.S. Sales Tax Laws for Online Merchants

Avoid Importing a Compliance Problem

3 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Learning Lounge at the D2C Convention

ERA Names Thane Direct CEO Amir Tukulj as 2016 Marketer of the Year

3 Ways to Earn Loyalty with Millennials

Field Report: The Commoditization of DRTV

TV Council Sheds Light on Consumer Response Trends on Aug. 30 Call

2016 Moxie Award Finalists Announced

Using Tech to Tell Stories

[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] How to Use Online Video to Master User Engagement

Making the Cut

5 Ways to Get the Most out of D2C (or any other conference)

Dan Danielson to Receive ERA Lifetime Achievement Award at 2016 D2C Convention

ERSP Shares Legal Updates from Recent Events

30 Years of Quality, Value, and Convenience

How Retailer Loyalty Programs Can Take Advantage of Summer Travel

GoConvergence’s SVP Creative & Marketing Brand Action Chris Harris Says ERA D2C is Right for Me

4 Ways to Fix Poor Product Content that Is Costing You Money in Commerce

ERA Launches The Industry Women’s Council

Is there a difference between 'natural' and 'all natural'? FTC says yes

Mark Your Calendars: ERA Unveils New Webinar Series

Risky Business: The Dangers of Offshore Merchant Accounts

[OPINION] U.S. Merchants: Stop Leaving Money on the Table in Europe

[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] Cross-Channel Attribution: Avoiding the Risks to Reap the Rewards

Let’s Get the Conversation Started!

What’s Millennial Brand Loyalty Worth to You?

Membership ‘Is’ the Reward!

The Never-Ending Story

Internet Marketing Inc.’s Michael Montgomery Shares ‘Why D2C Is Right for Me’

The Do & Don’ts for a Successful DRTV Advertising Campaign

What Amazon Knows About Membership

How One Small Change Can Increase Reviews 4X

New Consumer Study: How Much Will Parents Spend on Back-to-School Items?

Telling Stories with Transparency

Unsure About Digital Marketing? These Cold, Hard Numbers Will Turn You

Field Report: 4 Powerful Factors Only DR Pros Know

The Importance of Being Kevin

New Product Showcase: Celebrating Inventors, Innovation, and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

ERA Breaks Further Into Digital With a Partnership

How to Keep Affiliates Happy and Producing

Millennials & Mobile Banking: Shaking Up Traditional Banking

Social Media Marketing for B2B and B2C Businesses Has Its Differences

What Does the Panama Canal Expansion Mean for Direct Response Marketers?

8 Tips for Entering an International Marketplace

Load Balancing: When it Works (and When It Doesn’t)

What's Up In DRTV? Manatt Knows!

Women in Business Pavilion Has Become a Staple at the D2C Convention

What ERA Membership Has Brought Me

ERA’s TV Council Explores Online vs. TV on June 30 Call

Enforcement Goes Global

D2C: Masters Series Education Takes Omnichannel to New Heights

A Boomer’s Guide to Snapchat

ERSP Aims to Bring Broader Awareness About Self-Regulation

Millennials & Mobile Payments: What Is the Price of Convenience?

Giant Spoon to Keynote 2016 ERA D2C Convention

[Q&A] How Can the Industry Safeguard Against Heightened Regulatory Scrutiny?

ERA’s Digital Road Show in Austin Is a Success!

Trigger Happy

VR-commerce: The Evolution of Digital Payments

The Classically Great Salesman’s Guide to Video Conversions

What’s ERA Good For, Anyway?

Olympic Efforts

ERA Invites D2C Attendees to Tee Off in the Desert

Best Content Marketing Strategies to Boost Sales Conversions

[Opinion] This Year, Politics Is All a-Twitter

ERSP Looks to Boost Engagement Following a Successful ERSP Summit

[Opinion] Field Report: Are Details Really Divine?

Let’s Talk About Order Attribution on a Drive-to-Web Campaign

How Will Virtual Reality Technology Impact Digital Marketing?

Business Travels

Government Affairs Fly-In 2016: Experts Talk Policy & Presidential Politics

ERSP Summit Looks at the Future of Self-Regulation

Get Inspired by IRCE’s Main Stage Speakers and Conference Agenda

[Video] How to Monetize Facebook

Dialed-Up Litigation

JOYUS: Creating a Seamless Digital Experience

Jet Into D.C. for the 2016 Fly-In

5 Easy Ways (You May Not Have Guessed) To Inject Videos In Your Marketing Funnels

The Eroticism of Immediacy

Member Benefits Spotlight: ERA Committees & Councils

4 Little-Known Lead Generation Tactics

IRCE Offers More to Online Retailers than Any Other Industry Event

[Video] 5 Things You Need to Know About Online Video

Running DRTV on Amazon?

4 Strategies to Combat Instagram’s New Algorithm

Loyalty Lore and Truisms

ERA TV Council Highlights Native Advertising on May 5 Call

ERSP Summit Agenda Revealed

A New Advertising Leader in 2017: Digital to Surpass Television

K-Tel Int’l Founder Phil Kives Passes Away at 87

Marketers & Messaging Apps: Don’t Get Left Out of the Conversation

Smoothing the Electronic Retailing Supply Chain

[Video] D2C Convention Puts Marketing Innovation Front and Center

How Affiliate Marketers Can Benefit From Ad Blocking

6 Tips for Marketing Chocolate (and Anything Else) on Twitter

Key Government Leaders to Speak at ERSP Summit & ERA GA Fly-In

Field Report: The Hit Halo Effect

ERA Forms Strategic Marketing Partnership With the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition

The Case for Telemarketing Amid the Digital Age

2016 Moxie Award Submissions Now Open

Are You Discouraging Feedback with a Complicated Review Process?

4 Useful (Overlooked) Tactics Before Shooting Your “How to” Videos

Throw Your Hat into the Ring

The FTC Brings Down the Avalanche

4 Reasons to Use Tokenization to Protect Your Online Payments

A Joy to Behold

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Minimercials But Were Afraid to Ask

[2015] Building a Better Model for Attribution

Why Operation Choke Point Legislation Is a Big Deal for Direct Response

Are Merchants Ready for the Mobile Commerce Revolution?

How Social Media Is Changing the DRTV Landscape

3 Dead-Simple Ways to Create Compelling Video Marketing Ideas

Increases in Paid Search Competition & Cost Per Click in the Post-Right Rail Era

Digital SupERAchiever: Murad Finds the Beauty in Digital Marketing

D2C Registration Is Open!

Social Studies

ERSP Summit 2016 Set for May 24 in Washington, D.C.

A Global Snapshot: Ecommerce Trends Around the World

Why It’s Good Business to Embrace Video in Digital-Marketing Campaigns

3 Ways to Build Customer Trust and Loyalty in 2016

Great Ideas Recap: A First-Timer’s Perspective

Your Strict Refund Policy Can Hurt You

Doing Business in New Jersey? Your Website Terms & Conditions May be Plaintiffs’ Next Target

Building Community

The Great Ideas Summit: Relive Orlando!

It’s Time Direct Marketers Start Asking a Fair Price

5 Reasons Why Direct Response Pros Should Save the Date for the 2016 GA Fly-In

The Recipe for Awesome Customer Connections

Choosing the Right Fulfillment Partner Can Be Key to Direct Response Marketing Success

Forbes Riley Promotes Great Ideas Summit on Orlando Morning Show

‘Buy Now’ Ads: The eCommerce Miracle for Conversions?

The Secret to Top-of-Funnel Engagement? Mobile Coupons. Yes, Really.

Electronic Retailing Association President & CEO Julie Coons Winds Up Her Tenure With ERA Effective April 1, 2016

Automating the Mixed-Media Model

ERSP Unveils General Activity Report

Day 3: And That’s a Wrap!

Day 2: Things Got STiKi at Great Ideas

Day 1: Great Ideas Summit Tees Off in Orlando

Download the Great Ideas Mobile App Today!

[Opinion] Field Report: What is Advertising? I Know They Don’t Know

Planning Your Great Ideas Schedule

Digital SupERAchiever: SharkNinja Aligns Traditional DR With Digital Strategies

Strike a Chord

Shop Talk: Understanding the Purpose Behind a Billing Descriptor

Selling Online? Here’s the Checkout Conversion Index You Don’t Want to Miss

Heads Up DRTV – The FTC’s Lesley Fair Is Back!

Engage the Voice of the Consumer to Win in Reputation Management

4 Questions Before Choosing a Visual Commerce Platform

Customer Connection: Use Trust and Timing to Grow DR Sales

A Leg Up

Why Do DRTV Commercials Have the Advantage Over Infomercials?

6 Must-Know Principles to Conquer Digital Direct Response

Mobile Messaging Innovator Robin Shapiro to Keynote at Great Ideas Summit

The Invisible Colors of Retail

[Session Spotlight] The Membership Economy and Direct Response

1st Quarter Problems: Low Sales, Returns, and Chargebacks

Being a Diamond Partner Is More Than Your Name on a List

ERSP: 2015 in Review

[Session Spotlight] Mobile vs. Desktop Advertising: Cost, Reach and ROI

Understanding the Hard Sell and Soft Sell

Are Trial Offers Dead?

How Will Marketers Master Social for Business in 2016?

[OPINION] DRTV Epiphanies for 2016

Holiday Returns Are Peaking, Too

U.S. Doesn’t Seem to be ‘Keeping up With Joneses’ When it Comes to EMV Adoption

[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] Matching Claims to the Evidence: Brainstorming With the Experts

Why Do Cards Decline? - The Differences Between Soft and Hard Declines

Radio Defines Mass Medium

[Case Studies] Quick Tips for Conversion Rate Optimization Success

The FTC Awakens: Native Advertising Enforcement Statement Out Just in Time for the Holidays

Affiliate Marketing Is Much More Than Coupons and Discount Codes

How Industry Partnerships Are Driving Our Growth

[Great Ideas Summit] New Session Added to 2016 Masters Series Lineup

Great Ideas Summit: Masters Series Sessions Revealed

Transparency, Compliance, and Self-Regulation: DR’s Engines of Growth

Digital SupERAchiever: Guthy-Renker Is Forging a New Path in Today’s Digital Frontier

Top 5 Merchant Need-to-Know Facts for the Holiday Season

Case Study: Advertiser Vetting Reveals Chinese Counterfeiting Ring

4 Ways Mobile Is the Gift That Keeps on Giving This Holiday Season

[OPINION] Field Report: Breaking the Price Barrier - Is $40 the new $20?

Targeting Holiday Shoppers on Twitter Helps Ring up Extra Jingle This Season

Why Same-Day Shipping is All Talk and No Action

Direct Response Marketing: Knowing the Customer’s Mind

Combating Fraud: A Solutions Tutorial

ERA Membership: Why It Matters!

Leveraging Social Media’s Data

6 Ways to Reduce Chargebacks and Fraud this Holiday Season

Great Ideas Summit: A Perfect Mix of Business and Leisure

Image Carousels: The Hidden Conversion Killer Found on Most Websites

TeletonUSA: A Direct Response Fundraising Success Story

[Video] Industry Legends Reminisce About Their Early DR Beginnings

Cyber Monday success: Five tips for online retailers

Great Ideas Summit: What’s in store for the Deal-Makers?

ERSP Discusses Protecting and Educating Consumers

Attribution Challenge #4: Using a Static Baseline for Optimization

1 out of 5 Retailers Says Measuring Mobile Is Not a Priority—Wait, What?

Men, Shopping & Mobile: 3 Critical Insights That Helped Capture the Male Shopper

DRTV: Made to Measure

Great Ideas Summit: A Place to Get Business Done While Basking in the Sun!

Preparing for Social Commerce

FTC Lead Generation Workshop: More Questions than Answers

Who Are ERA’s Digital SupERAchievers?

Web Optimization: DR Marketers Are Leaving Money on the Table With This Mistake

[Video] Leveraging Social Media to Maximize Direct Sales

Criminal Minds: The Common Types of Card-Not-Present Fraud

Upcoming ERA Webinars Help You Tap Into New Revenue Streams

How to Take on Fake Reviews

[Video] Shazam’s Peter Szabo Keynotes about Mobile Marketing at D2C 2015

Will Hillary trump Donald?

[Video] Evaluating the Impact of Your Multichannel Strategy

[OPINION] That Damned ERA

Field Report: Walgreens, Rite Aid & the Impact of Retail Consolidation

[Infographic] 10 Tips to Get Your Site in the Holiday Spirit

Labor of Love: A Look at DRTV Families

A Goldmine of Direct Response Content from #D2C15

Web Content Only Matters If They See It

2015 Moxie Awards Gala: Thanks for the Memories!

Is There Such a Thing as Overprotection?

[OPINION] Is Online Media ‘A Market For Lemons’?

ERSP Addresses Telemarketing and Lead Generation Practices

Selling to an On-Demand Culture

Attribution Challenge #3: Waiting Weeks/Months to Analyze Performance

3 Ways to Prepare for the Holiday Shopping Season

Using Big Data to Enhance Creative

Using Storytelling to Unlock Your Team’s Potential

DRTV Facetime

Understanding USPS’s Underpaid Postage Claims

Direct Response Marketing Industry Celebrates 2015 Moxie Award Winners

[D2C Recap] Day 2: Show Floor, Sessions, and Shazam

[D2C Recap] Day 1 Focused on Education and Deal-Making

Pre-Con Workshop Attracts DR Professionals of All Levels

17 Reasons to Visit the D2C Learning Lounge

Is Your Cross-Border Affiliate Program Up to Snuff?

Chargebacks: Myths vs. Reality

DRTV Pop Quiz (3)

[Session Spotlight] Scale Your Digital Business Without Blowing Your Budget

[OPINION] Marketing Beyond Predictive Analytics

7 New Things You'll See at #D2C15

[1984] When TNN Met DRTV

[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] How the Woof Washer Is Changing the Face of DR

Legal Considerations in Children’s Advertising

ERSP Hosts General Meeting at the ERA D2C Convention

Pandora, CBS Radio, Sirius XM, PodcastOne Join Direct Results for Masters Series Session

DRTV Pop Quiz! (2)

[OPINION] A Marketer’s View of Donald Trump and the Republican Presidential Field

Payments Big Data: 3 Tips on Profit Maximization for Retailers

Hawthorne Direct’s Moxie Video Mashup Celebrates ERA’s 25th Anniversary

6 Important Statistics About U.S. Hispanic Consumers

5 Ways Social Media Can Benefit Your Business!

Inaugural Mercury Media Wing Award Celebrates Marketing Excellence

Attribution Challenge #2: Planning Based on the Lowest Price

[Pre-Con Workshop] Enhance Your DRTV Skills in One Afternoon!

The Liability Shift to EMV Payments Means Fraudsters Will Shift Online

Where Did Infomercials Come From?

Online Reviews: Accentuate the Negatives

Shazam Keynote Takes You Beyond the TV Screen

DRTV Pop Quiz!

[OPINION] QVC’s Acquisition of Zulily: The Shape of Things To Come

Cutting TV CPOs Through Mobile Commerce

[Pre-Con Workshop] Become a DRTV Expert in Just 4 Hours

Maximize Your Amazon Listings with the Amazon SEO Checklist

4 Reasons Why Email Is an Important Marketing Tool

[Case Study] Woof Washer 360 Challenges Direct Response Norms

Inside the Industry's Largest Show Floor

[OPINION] Subway’s Jared Fogle: A Cautionary Tale for Advertisers

[Video] Great Ideas Summit 2016: A Beautiful Resort

Moxie Awards Gala: An Industry Celebration with Friends & Family

Online Retail Marketplaces: Is the Tail Wagging the Dog?

Treat Your Booth Like Your Website

ERSP to Attend FTC Workshop on Online Lead Generation

Friendly Fraud: The New Cyber-shoplifting

Consumer Protection that Translates

Field Report: How Scientific Is Direct Response Marketing?

[OPINION] Marketers - What’s Your Number One Constraint?

Sponsorship Branding that Reflects Your Values

Leveraging Big Data to Build Customer Conversations

Are Drones the Next Big Thing in Direct Response?

Attribution Challenge #1: Relying Too Much on Ratings Data

[1994] Seven Strategies for Media Success

Utilizing Social Media to Generate Leads

Veteran Tips for Exhibiting at D2C

Why Does Brand Matter When a Marketer Can Just Yell & Sell?

Why the Reemergence of Robocalling Threatens Contact Centers

TRUMP for President? [Is Direct Response Ready?]

Who Will Take Home the Marketer of the Year Award?

2015 Moxie Nominees Revealed!

7 Reasons Why Event Sponsorships are on the Rise

What Is Big Data’s Secret Sauce?

Gone in 60 Seconds: Rethinking DRTV Ad Lengths

Legends of Direct Response to Headline Thursday Keynote at D2C

How Quality Packaging Impacts the Customer Experience

Building a Better Model for Attribution

3 Powerful Factors That Drive Millennial Conversions

[eBook] Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting at D2C

To Outsource or Not to Outsource SEO?

Dominate PPC with 4 Mobile Optimizations

3 Easy Ways to Successfully Use Web Keys for Direct Response

Why David Ogilvy’s Predictions About Direct Response Ring True Today

AJ Khubani to Receive 2015 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award

How To Get More Out Of Your Sponsorship By Using Mobile

eBook Shows DR Marketers How to Boost Conversion Rates

3 Steps to Make Sure Your Social Media Strategy Is Working

When It Comes to ROSCA, We're All In This Together

How Do More Payment Options Affect Merchants?

DRTV Pioneer Embraces the Digital Age

Leeza Gibbons Lands 2015 DR Icon Award

Hashtagging Your Way to Social Media Relevance

5 Ways to Sign More Deals at Trade Shows

The 5 Biggest Challenges in TV Attribution

Top 5 Blog Posts from June 2015

Are You a DRTV Expert?

Leeza Gibbons: A Portrait of a DR Icon

4 Questions to Ask Before Sponsoring an Event

Can a Boost in Online Reviews Lead to More Conversions?

How to Quantify Hispanic Marketing ROI

[DRTV 2015] Content Marketing & Disclosures

3 Key Considerations When Developing an Online Lead Response Strategy

How To Boost Traffic to your Booth

Should You Take Your Direct Response Brand International?

ERSP Meets with State Attorneys General

5 Reasons Why Merchants Should Offer Discounts to Shoppers

FTC & ERSP Say Fine Print Not So Fine [Direct Response Marketing]

The Great Ideas Summit Heads to New Location

[1996] A Brave New World of Interactive Consumers

How to Measure the ROI of Sponsorships

Could Facebook Become the New Focus Group for DRTV?

2 Ways to Bring Your Video Content Up to Speed

How 3 Brands Are Harnessing Instagram to Drive Traffic

[DRTV Quick Hits] LeanSpa, iWorks & Daniel Chapter One

SEM Ad Extensions Can Supercharge Your Marketing

Making the Move from Radio to DRTV

ERA Social Media Webinar: How to Use LinkedIn for Your Business – June 18th at 2 p.m. ET

5 Easy Steps to Creating an Effective Marketing Video

The Future of Privacy and the Effect on Direct Response

Advanced Services Help Ensure Lead-Generation Success

[1994] Bruce Jenner Brings Star Power to Annual Convention

4 Shopping Cart Strategies to Combat Plunging Brand Loyalty

[OPINION] Field Report: During a Famine, Remember the DRTV Feasts

10 Steps Online Merchants Can Take to Prevent Fraud

Video on Command: Engaging Today's Consumer

D2C Education: Call for Session Submissions Starts Today!

4 Degrees to Self-Regulation

[Takedown] How DRTV Can Combat Counterfeiting on Asian E-Retail Sites

5 Ways Mobile Can Boost Retail

GA Fly-In Earns High Marks from First-Time Attendee

What’s Next for ERSP?

Dead Air Calls Cannot Disconnect Us

ROSCA Coordinator Stresses Compliance to Avoid Enforcement

11 Things Overheard at the Government Affairs Fly-In

Direct Response Marketer Believes Social Media Shouldn’t Be an Afterthought

7 Reasons to Attend the European HomeShopping Conference

FTC's Cleland Gives Kudos to Industry Leaders

FTC Commissioner Says Look at Marketing from the Consumer's Point of View

Building a Content Strategy that Converts—3 Key Tips for Direct Response Marketers

Google Search: 3 Things Direct Response Marketers Should Know

ERA GA Fly-In: Substantiation, Self-Regulation…and Selfies?

Entrepreneur Creates a Blueprint for DRTV Success

ERSP Summit Sheds Light on Self-Regulation in Today’s Direct Response Environment

Using Digital Channels to Keep Up with U.S. Hispanics

Soft Selling. Does the CTA live on in Digital Marketing?

Data Analytics: Connect Your Brand to Your Consumers

Veteran Producer Proves Direct Response Can be a Jungle

DR Exec Encourages Others to Get Involved in Government Affairs

Why Data Breach Legislation Is a Big Deal for Direct Response

[OPINION] Field Report: Coping with Missed DRTV Opportunities

Components of Self-Reg. [What Direct Response Marketers Need to Know]

Richard Simmons Brings Enthusiasm and Energy to Call Center

Government Affairs Fly-In Brings Key Issues to the Forefront

4 Digital Marketing Tips for Brand Builders

ERSP Summit Focuses on Self-Regulation in the Evolving DR Industry

Social Media Data Ranks Top 100 Most-Loved Brands

Less Search, More Conversion…Better Results!

[1994] The First 10 Years of Infomercials

The FTC Isn't the Only One Watching DRTV

Contact Centers: How Consumers Are Fueling Their Growth

DRTV Veteran Weighs In on Government Affairs Fly-In

4 Ways Direct Response Marketers Can Effectively Tackle Tumblr

[DRTV Forecast] Sunny With a Chance of Fraud

[2011] International DRTV Marketer Shares an Eye-Opening Experience

Top 5 Legal & Regulatory Risks in Digital Marketing

Keywords Are Key to Finding New Customers on Twitter

The Power of Advocacy in Direct Response

How Positive Words Can Energize Your DRTV Campaign

Top Five Blog Posts from March 2015

Warranties Keeping You Up at Night? Ask BMW

[2014] A Celebration of the "Queen of Infomercials"

Is YouTube Right for Direct Response?

New ERA Partnership Helps Marketers Grow Business in Asia

[eMarketer] Mobile Ad Spending to Top $100B Worldwide in 2016

4 Ways to Leverage Data Analytics for Direct Response

3 Things Direct Response Marketers Should Know About Social Meta Tags

What's in a Name? A DRTV Executive Learns the Hard Way

[OPINION] Marketing’s Profound Role in the War With ISIS

Using Online Video Commerce to Unlock Sales [2014 Keynote Session]

[OPINION] Field Report: March Madness, DRTV Madness & How to Make $1 Billion

European HomeShopping Conference to Kick Off with Multichannel Money Streams Event in Barcelona

Senate Schedules Vote-A-Rama [The 10 Things DRTV Should Know]

[2002] Jack LaLanne Brought His Passion for Healthy Living to the DRTV Industry

5 Mobile App Legal Considerations to Keep in Mind

ERSP Summit Shines a Light on Self-Regulation in the Evolving Direct Response Industry

Direct Response Marketing Professionals Talk Business at ERA's Network LA

ERA Takes Utah: The Great Direct Response Frontier

[2002] Getting in Touch with the Feminine Side of DRTV

Celebrating 25 Years of ERA

Cosmetics Survey Highlights Consumers’ Preferences

4 Ways Direct Response Marketers Can Earn Millennials’ Trust & Loyalty

Is a Higher Standard of Transparency the Next Big Thing for DRTV?

Keep the Direct Response Party Going!

[1991] Thighmaster Infomercial Made Suzanne Somers a DRTV Icon

Google Reveals e-Commerce Plans with “Buy” Button

OPINION - GEICO Reimagines the Pre-Roll Ad as Voyeuristic Delight

Why Direct Response Marketers Should Adopt a “Need to Know Basis” Strategy

Marketing to Canada Council to Present Webinar on Doing Business in Quebec

[1999] Infomercial "Gringa" Wins Big!

Why the Benefits Outweigh the Features in an Effective Direct Response Television Script

Top Five Blog Posts from February 2015

BBB Updates Advertising Code to Keep Pace with Technology

OPINION - Field Report: The Rise of ‘Feeders' in Direct Response Television

5 Reasons Why Direct Response Pros Shouldn't Ignore the 2015 GA Fly-In

[Breaking News] FCC Approves Net Neutrality Rules to Ban Internet Discrimination

[1992] CBS This Morning: Behind the Infomercials

Lessons Learned from eBay's Marketplace

Why We Love the ERA Mentor Program (And You Should, Too!)

Using Sequential Video Advertising Across Devices

5 Revolutions That Will Shape the Future of Marketing

Classic DRTV: Ginsu 2000 Infomercial Is a Cut Above

Web Optimization for DR: The Test Plan

China’s Web Traffic Policy Has Many Parties’ Hands Tied

Don’t Forget About Radio in Your Direct Response Marketing Strategy!

How to Explain What Just Happened At the BBB To Your DRTV Friends

A Teleservices Tale: Dial "M" for Memory

Bridging the ‘Coastal Gap’ at Network LA

ERSP: Help Wanted? Help Offered.

How to Use Social Signals to Drive Clicks and Conversions

How Direct Response Marketers Can Leverage the Internet of Everything for Increased Profits

Top Five Blog Posts from January 2015

Live Shopping Host Realizes Guest Isn't Ready for His Close Up

OPINION - Nationwide's Super Bowl Ad Fumbles

OPINION – Field Report: The 3 Big DR Trends that Will Shape 2015

U.S. Court to FTC: Two Studies Are Too Much

STATWatch: 92 percent of marketers take greater interest in personalization*

OPINION: The Thin Line of DRTV Talent

DRTV Newbie Survives Karaoke Calamity!

Becky Bui Brings The Power of Facebook to Great Ideas

25th Anniversary Party Ignites Great Ideas

10 Things Direct Response Marketers Should Know About Great Ideas 2015

It Was a DRTV Hit (Literally!)

Raising Kids Makes DR Marketers a Testing and Optimization Expert

Video Marketing - Know Your Audience

Direct Response Marketing Experts Reveal Their Predictions for 2015

Session Spotlight: Long-Form DRTV – Old Perceptions, New Reality

OPINION: The Truth about Omnichannel vs. Multichannel Retail

The FTC Speaks Softly But Carries a Big Stick – Do Paid Search Terms Go Under the Microscope?

DRTV Goes Amish

Web Optimization for DR: Optimizing for Mobile

How Amazon Sets the Bar Higher for Consumer Expectations

"I Don't Speak For The FTC" - DRTV Listener Advisory

Developing Winning Mobile Strategies

Watch Out DRTV: Obama Is Using The FTC to Take Over

Taking Preventive Measures Could Ease Retailers’ Breach Concerns

What Does St. Peter Have to Do with DRTV?

2014 – An FTC Review of Direct Response With Leslie Fair

Top Five Blog Posts from December 2014

Exploring the New Language of Social Engagement

Attention ERA Members: Take a Walk Down Memory Lane!

A Review of 2014 ERSP Achievements

What the Future Holds for Mobile Marketing: 2015 Predictions

Perceptions of Privacy: What No One In DRTV Is Talking About

OPINION: Why the Cut Rate Business Is Bad for Business

A Direct Response to Cybercrime

What DR Marketers Could Learn from the Human Genome Project

12 White House Winter Wonderland Pics

Dish: Under Construction

The 1 Thing Everyone Hates In DRTV

How to Maximize ROI Using Omnichannel Marketing

Web Optimization for DR: Visitor Flow - Advanced

OPINION: How Much Should Direct Response Marketers Care about Customer Satisfaction?

4 Buyer Personas That Will Have Direct Response Marketers Wanting More

Digital Council Focuses on Web Optimization

25 Ways YouTube Can Boost Your DRTV Campaign

Operation Full Disclosure: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Can Using Facebook Help Drive Conversions?

Merry Christmas DRTV: Internet Sales Tax Is Dead

It’s a Matter of Responsibility

Chargebacks and “Friendly” Fraud

5 Steps to Expand Your Online Retail Business Overseas

Where Will "Operation Full Disclosure” Be 1 Year From Now? The FTC briefs ERA

It's Finally Legal - 5 Prediction Market Forecasts

How to Prepare a Stand-out Mobile Ad

Digital Growth: The Rewards Often Outweigh the Risks

Making Seamless eCommerce Returns a Reality

Top Five Blog Posts from November 2014

Web Brands Find TV Within Reach

Using Advertising Claims as a Weapon?

Retail Study: Six Truths Your Customers Want You to Know

Attention ERA Members: Call for Board of Directors Nominees

STATWatch: 77 percent of marketers are under pressure to make better use of existing marketing and CRM data*

Happy Thanksgiving from ERA!

That Was Then, This Is Now

ERA Wins Digital Marketing Innovation Award

ERA Weighs In: Colorado’s “Amazon Tax Law"

NRF Survey: Bargain Hunters Holding Out for Hot Holiday Deals

2015: Year of the Email Marketer

10 Ways to Kick Start Your Business Development in 2015

The Holiday Shopping Frenzy: How Can Retailers Optimize Their Marketing?

Heading Into the Holidays: Is Your Mobile Site Ready?

More Consumer Research Can Mean Greater Success in Direct Response

ERSP Offers Marketers Copy Review Service


Web Optimization for DR: Visitor Flow Basics

Facebook Executive to Keynote Great Ideas Summit

The State of Mobile and Social Commerce

ERA Responds to the FTC on the Telemarketing Sales Rule Review

There Are No Absolutes in DR

Net Neutrality – Obama Enters the Ring

Boehner Kills Internet Sales Tax Bill?

An Easy Win for 2014 Holiday Marketing

Shopping 2.0...I mean wait, 9.0!

Federal Trade Commission at 100 (FTC @ 100)

[Infographic] Everything You Need to Know About The Great Ideas Summit

The Top 7 Things You Need to Know about Using Video Online

A Sea Of Red

FTC Says Companies Have a Fat Chance of Getting Away With Deceptive Online Marketing in First ROSCA Case

FIELD REPORT: The Most Important Number in DR

Survey Says: Digital Marketing Is a Must for Retailers

It's Time to Take a Big Step Forward Into Digital

Mobile Ads Aren’t Just for The Big Guys: How Small Retailers Can Get It Right

Want to Know the Secrets to Omni-channel Marketing?

The Number 3 - Projected Midterm Results

Lame Duck Surprise (Online Sales Tax)

Has Ivory Had Its Day?

Why the ERA D2C Convention Had People Buzzing

Amplify the View

ERSP Presents at Annual Advertising & Promotion Conference

Kevin Harrington Rocks the James Altucher Show

Heroes, Hugs and Hygiene

Using Consumer Insights to Build Successful DR Campaigns

Direct Response 101 Is Just a Click Away

Letter from the Chairman: A Look At the Year Ahead

Web Optimization for DR

ERA, Industry Experts Talk Infomercials With

2014 ERA D2C Convention Video Recap!

A Clear Connection

ERA Featured on Tavis Smiley Radio Show

Twitter Helps Celebrate Venable Year 1 in San Francisco (+ Free Stuff)

Winners of 2014's Best Direct Response Marketing Campaigns Honored at the Moxie Awards Gala

Electronic Retailing Association To Launch Expanded Bimonthly ER Magazine With January 2015 Issue

Electronic Retailing Association to Host 21st Annual Direct-to-Consumer Convention

ERA Anti-Counterfeit Coalition Visits DC

New: ERSP Copy Review

ERA Unveils Expanded Bi-Weekly e-Newsletter, Enhanced Knowledge Center And Blog

Please Welcome Our New Chairman and Board Members!

Twitter Silences Its Naysayers as Users Surge

Put Me In, Coach--I'm Ready!

Electronic Retailing Association To Salute Edward Glynn With Volunteer Of The Year Award At The 2014 Moxie Awards Gala

Telemarketers - It's Back!

Reflections From the ERA Chairman

Susan Lucci to Receive DR Icon Award

FTC Maintains Current Negative Option Rule Guidance After ERA Input

Network Toronto Brings Together Industry Friends Old and New

FTC - Prosecutor, Judge & Jury

Alert: Online Sales Tax Movement

Keep an Eye on Operation Choke Point

Electronic Retailing Association Expands Executive Team

It's Time to Get Digital

brand new media’s Wolfgang Puck Program Lands 3 Moxie Award Nods

A Detailed Account of the Recent Weight-Loss Hearing

Electronic Retailing Association Names SSA Public Relations As Media Relations Agency Of Record

Thank You to Our Industry for Your Outpouring of Support

Music-Based Television Shows Sink in Popularity

ERSP Unveils New Copy Review Service

Senate Weight-Loss Hearing & The FTC's Gut Check Claims

New Study Shines a Light on the Health of the Direct Response Industry

FCC to Investigate Agreements Between Content Companies and Net Service Providers

Letter from the CEO - June 2014

Alert – Senate Weight-Loss Hearing

Collette Liantonio to Receive ERA Lifetime Achievement Award at 2014 ERA D2C Convention

Ed Glynn Comments on 10 Years of ERSP

ERA Government Affairs Fly-In 2014

2014 ERA Government Affairs Fly-In Re-Cap

CBBB President & CEO Mary Power Lauds the Success of ERSP During ERA Government Affairs Fly-In

ERSP Kicks Off 10 Years of Self-Regulation With Special Event

From Social to $ale

Breakthrough with Amazon!

ERA Tells NPR Online Sales Tax Will Hurt Small Online Retailers

Letter from the CEO - April 2014

Advocacy Update: ERA Continues to Fight Online Sales Tax with TruST

Letter From the CEO - March 2014

Apple’s Acquisitions Give Hints About the Company’s Plans

2014 Is Already Off to an Exciting and Busy Start for ERSP!

OP-ED: It’s a Matter of Responsibility

ERSP Releases General Activity Reports

10 Years of ERSP

U.S. Appeals Court Strikes Down FCC Net Neutrality Rules

Gut Check–Sensa & the FTC

Letter From the CEO - December 2013

ERSP Year in Review

Letter from the CEO - November 2013

ERSP Focuses on Telemarketing Sales Calls

Letter from the CEO - October 2013

ERSP Summit Explores Direct Response Trends

ERA Announces 2013 ERA Moxie Awards Winners

Julie Coons Recounts the September Board Meeting

ERSP Summit Focuses on Emerging Issues in Direct Response

ERSP Plans to Expand Its Service Offerings

ERSP Offers Self-Regulatory Insight to Electronic HomeShopping Conference Attendees

2013 Moxie Awards Nominees Announced

2013 Marketer of the Year Finalists Announced

Letter From the CEO - June 2013

Jeffrey D. Knowles to Receive ERA Lifetime Achievement Award

ERA Members Descend on Capitol Hill

Letter From the CEO - May 2013

Online Sales Tax Passes Senate Vote

ERA Names Madeline Moore as Miss Moxie 2013

Call To Action! Online Sales Tax

ERA Opposes Internet Sales Tax Bill

ERA Announces 2012 ERA Moxie Awards Winners

Montel Williams to Receive DR Icon Award at 2012 ERA Moxie Awards Gala

Kevin Harrington to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Jack LaLanne to Receive Inaugural DR Icon Award

Katie Williams to Receive ERA’s Lifetime Achievement Award

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