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FWIW: Millennials More Likely to Be Victims of Fraud

by Amy Mudge on May 2, 2018 3:00:00 AM Government Relations, Consumer, Consumer Protection, data breach

The FTC seeks to combat deceptive practices in the United States generally, but often it pays particularly close attention to the elderly, which it views as a vulnerable demographic. Last year for example, the FTC testified before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Aging that it’s taking action specifically against those fraudulent schemes that affect the elderly. It makes intuitive sense that the people asking their grandchildren how to turn on the computer would be more likely to fall for online scams than those glued to technology 24/7. For millennials, however, hubris may be their downfall, as a new report from the FTC shows that Americans in their twenties and early thirties are more likely to be scammed than the elderly.

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FTC & ERSP Say Fine Print Not So Fine [Direct Response Marketing]

by Amy Mudge on Jun 18, 2015 1:00:00 PM

Recently at the Government Affairs Fly-In, ERA welcomed Rich Cleland from the FTC, Lee Peeler from the CBBB, and Jennifer McCabe, General Counsel of Euro-Pro, for a spirited discussion on the use of disclaimers in direct response marketing. I chair the Government Affairs Committee and moderated this esteem group. Typically the chair of the Government Affairs Committee has a prominent roll at the Fly-In, headlining a panel on weighty and pressing regulatory issues. So why instead focus on the mouse type?  

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