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Cory Bergeron is founder of Pitch Video. He is also host, spokesperson, and author.

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Understanding the Hard Sell and Soft Sell

by Cory Bergeron on Jan 21, 2016 12:00:00 AM DRTV

It’s kind of ironic that I am trying to write this blog and the music around me is blaring at a level just short of the pain threshold. I am sitting in a small Mexican cantina in an unlikely college town in Pennsylvania. Ouch…the guy on stage needs to work on the feedback. My ears are about to bleed. I singled out this little restaurant last night as I was driving back to my hotel, but waited until tonight to nurture my appetite for queso and salsa. As it turns out, tonight is this little college town’s “Battle of the Bands” event. Students have flocked to the doors fidgeting with their IDs and sporting suspicious looking bottles of water and iced tea under their jackets.

As fun as the environment is, I am about 10 years late and five beers short of feeling as enthusiastic as the crowd surging around me. However, this leads me to the point of this blog post…the difference between the short-term and long-term relationship with your customer and how to bring it about.

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Direct Response Marketing: Knowing the Customer’s Mind

by Cory Bergeron on Dec 9, 2015 8:30:00 PM DRTV, Retail

When I was a director in live shopping television, I was the heartbeat of the show. I was the one who reacted quickly, pumping blood to each and every moving part and synchronizing their efforts toward a common outcome. Behind a switcher with about 2,500 buttons and touchscreen menus, I called out commands to my crew via headset, coached the talent through the show with their in-ear monitors, and partnered with the producer to meet sales goals.

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Selling to an On-Demand Culture

by Cory Bergeron on Oct 19, 2015 5:00:00 PM DRTV

I recently spoke to an audience full of entrepreneurs who were all present to learn the secrets of business success. I took the stage with several other experts who spoke on getting published, how to scale product offers, the best social networking techniques, etc.

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6 Important Statistics About U.S. Hispanic Consumers

by Cory Bergeron on Sep 13, 2015 3:00:00 PM Consumer Behavior

I am a northern boy. Born and raised in New England and Pennsylvania and as vanilla as they come, I once viewed the U.S. Hispanic population as little more than a smattering of communities centered around our southern borders. Ignorant as I was in my upbringing (spending my high school years amid corn, soybeans, and Amish buggies), my eyes became wide open rather quickly upon my first visit to a college in Miami! As I look back 20 years now, I laugh at how sheltered my perspective had been.
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Are Drones the Next Big Thing in Direct Response?

by Cory Bergeron on Aug 9, 2015 3:00:00 PM DRTV

A month ago, I was hired to create a product video for a nifty tackling dummy for kids. It teaches football little leaguers how to tackle properly so they have less chance of injury during games. As my team and I were scripting this video, we decided that the video should have a Monday Night Football flash and glam excitement to it. After all, it would be the parents who would be dropping the dough, so we would be amiss if we didn't grab their emotions with football-ish video elements...something to ignite the fan in them.

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DRTV Pioneer Embraces the Digital Age

by Cory Bergeron on Jul 9, 2015 5:30:00 PM Digital Marketing, DRTV

It is 1984. Kevin Harrington had just gotten cable and was stretched out in front of the Discovery channel enjoying the crystal clear signal—a vast improvement over those antiquated rabbit ears. In the midst of kicking off his shoes and attempting to clear his ever-busy mind at the day's end, he was shocked to see color bars appear on his television screen. Moments before, he had been absorbed into a National Geographic special and then wham!, the screen faded to black and up came bars with that annoying tone that makes you reach for the volume knob (yes, knob). Kevin's attempt at slowing his mind failed, as he quickly saw a business opportunity.

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2 Ways to Bring Your Video Content Up to Speed

by Cory Bergeron on Jun 15, 2015 5:30:00 PM Digital Marketing

The elementary school car lane frustrates me. When dropping my son off in the morning, I will inevitably end up behind the car with little Bobby covered in crumbs from his dry breakfast cereal, finishing up overdue homework papers that are strewn across the backseat and Mom signing permission slips last minute on her arm rest. When she pulls up to the curb, Bobby's lap is in need of a bus boy, the backpack must be repacked, and I sit behind her watching the entire familiar scenario through the rear window of her SUV. A hundred cars are bumper-to-bumper behind us.

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Soft Selling. Does the CTA live on in Digital Marketing?

by Cory Bergeron on May 11, 2015 3:00:00 AM Digital Marketing

“Dad, can I pierce my ears?” asks my 12-year-old son. “I have the money; I’ve already found a place to do it. Mom says it’s OK and I really, really want to. If anyone treats me different because of my earrings, they don’t deserve to be my friend anyway.” He has me in a corner. He has covered all his bases and negated any logistical hang-ups I might default to. I delay the decision by having a 30-minute conversation with his mother, a woman who is the ultimate balance between traditional family values and non-conformity. Eventually, I sigh and give my consent knowing that my son will either love them or suffer ridicule and pull them out within a week. He is elated.

As a father of four who spent two years as a stay-at-home dad, I get hit with questions like this all the time...questions that force me into a place of discomfort, but demand an immediate decision—a Call To Action.

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How Positive Words Can Energize Your DRTV Campaign

by Cory Bergeron on Apr 13, 2015 3:00:00 AM DRTV

Many blogs written here are from those entrenched within the logistical world of direct response. They speak to the infrastructure of direct response campaigns and future trends of our shifting industry landscape. My perspective is a bit different. I am a pitchman. I am the one who reaches through the lens onto that familiar woman’s couch and inspires her to grab the phone. I weave a universe that turns want into need and speculation into certainty. My art is different. It has little to do with logistics and much to do with psychology...less with the mind and far more with the heart. Therefore, let me share another of the concepts that have been foundational to my experience in front of the lens.
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Why the Benefits Outweigh the Features in an Effective Direct Response Television Script

by Cory Bergeron on Mar 4, 2015 3:00:00 AM DRTV

“At the end of the day, people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel.”—Maya Angelou

This is one of my favorite quotes. It has been on every projection screen at every keynote presentation I have given. I repeat it to myself before stepping in front of any camera. It hangs over my desk and is foremost in my mind for any video I script. Whether live television, infomercial or a PTA cookie sale, this simple statement is the foundation for all great sales. It cuts right to the distinct difference between features and benefits.
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OPINION: The Thin Line of DRTV Talent

by Cory Bergeron on Jan 30, 2015 3:00:00 AM DRTV

Editorial Disclaimer: The statements, opinions, and advertisements expressed on the ERA Blog and other online entities owned by the Electronic Retailing Association are those of individual authors and companies and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Electronic Retailing Association.

My wife cringes when you mention the ’80s. Let’s face it…there is much to cringe over. Pinch-rolled pant bottoms, neon shirts from Chess King and Merry Go Round, Aqua Net, and mullets. It’s enough to send shivers down your spine! But aside from the intentional hokey-ness and gaudy everything, the ’80s also marked the birth of DRTV.
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Shopping 2.0...I mean wait, 9.0!

by Cory Bergeron on Nov 10, 2014 3:00:00 AM Digital Marketing

When I was a teenager, my family presented my grandmother with a new microwave. My dad positioned it in the room adjacent to her small kitchen and walked her through its buttons and features. He was so excited for her! She smiled at him lovingly, then walked back to her easy chair and re-engaged in the golf broadcast on her wooden console television. That microwave was the most pristine device in her house. Over the upcoming years, it never suffered a single moment of use.
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Editorial Disclaimer

The statements, opinions, and advertisements expressed on the ERA Blog and other online entities owned by the Electronic Retailing Association are those of individual authors and companies and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Electronic Retailing Association.