Garret Nagle

Garret Nagle is the marketing specialist at DNA Response, Inc.

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Engage the Voice of the Consumer to Win in Reputation Management

by Garret Nagle on Feb 10, 2016 12:00:00 AM Great Ideas Summit, Digital Marketing, Masters Series

Leading brands can suffer reputation damage if they’re not participating in the consumer discussion about their brand. While high-profile PR disasters like “Exxon-Valdez” show us how dangerous it can be at a macro level to delay in responding to negative attention, in the world of consumer products, effective reputation management should begin at the micro level and can’t be ignored. How so?

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Maximize Your Amazon Listings with the Amazon SEO Checklist

by Garret Nagle on Aug 25, 2015 11:12:21 PM Digital Marketing, e-Commerce

There is currently a lot of talk in retail about integrating brand experiences across channels to better reach consumers that bounce between multiple channels. While much of this discussion on “omnichannel” marketing focuses on the integration of retailers’ traditional storefronts to their mobile and desktop Web experiences, product companies should not overlook marketplaces like Amazon as a critical touch point in the consumer brand experience.
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