Nancy Marcum

Nancy Marcum is founder and CEO of Marcum Media.

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[1984] When TNN Met DRTV

by Nancy Marcum on Sep 23, 2015 5:00:00 PM DRTV, ERA 25th Anniversary

As part of our ongoing “Memory Lane” series commemorating ERA’s 25th anniversary, Nancy Marcum, founder and CEO of Marcum Media, reflects on her early days in DRTV.

My partner and I launched a two-hour infomercial campaign in the fall of 1984, right after the Reagan Administration lifted [restrictions on] the length of time for a commercial. We tested the infomercial on local cable networks and found the return to be profitable, but small-potatoes. The word ‘infomercial’ did not exist in those days, and national cable infomercial airtime did not exist.

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