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[1999] Infomercial "Gringa" Wins Big!

by Robin Behar on Mar 4, 2015 6:54:00 PM ERA 25th Anniversary

In 1999, when I was working for Katie Williams in Latin/South America, my colleague, Stan Bruckheim, and I were invited to an Advertiser Lunch in Mexico City at the second largest broadcaster in Mexico, TV Azteca. Our firm was the leading "infomercial" company advertising on TV Azteca at that time. You have to remember, in the late '90s infomercials still kind of had a bad rap—we were just getting legitimized particularly outside of the United States. The advertising luncheon was full of high-level ad executives from McDonald's, P&G, Quaker State, Johnson and Johnson, and other multi-national brands. And to say I was the only "gringa" in the room, well, would be telling the truth.

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