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Suresh Dakshina is the Co-Founder of Chargeback Gurus, the premier online chargeback and fraud prevention service. For more information, visit

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Should You Use Your Debit or Credit Card for Your Holiday Shopping?

by Suresh Dakshina on Dec 5, 2017 10:18:07 AM e-Commerce, Retail

It's been a year of data theft. In the wake of Equifax, Deloitte, SEC and other major security breaches, the personally identifiable information of millions of people has been put in jeopardy. Against this backdrop, the imminent holiday shopping season – from Black Friday to Boxing Day – may look positively menacing to consumers and businesses alike.

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6 Ways to Reduce Chargebacks and Fraud this Holiday Season

by Suresh Dakshina on Dec 3, 2015 5:30:00 PM DRTV, Retail, Support Services

The holiday shopping season is here. Phones will be ringing and e-commerce sites will be flooded with buyers searching frantically for that unique gift. It’s the perfect environment in which fraud can thrive unless businesses carefully examine their protocols and policies to ensure a successful holiday shopping season.

By following these six easy tips, businesses can stay ahead of the curve, and in the black, this holiday.

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