Celebrating the Holidays with ERA!

by Lindsay Emow on Dec 23, 2016 10:00:00 AM ERA News

As 2016 comes to a close, ERA staff are reflecting on the amazing year we have had. We are excited for the new year ahead of us and all the future work there is to do. Before we get a running start on 2017 we are fortunate enough to take a few days away to spend with our families over the holidays. We asked the ERA what their favorite holiday traditions were that they would be taking part in over the break!


“My family and I have started a tradition to have family and friends over after our Christmas Eve Church service and eat a big meal and toast good will and blessings to each other in anticipation of Christmas Day. I cherish this time.” — Chris Reinmuth, President  

"My family's holiday season reminds me of Ground Hog Day. My siblings and I to travel to mom's and cram ourselves into her house that we've all outgrown. Rather than cook a traditional holiday family meal we all go out to dinner and talk about taking a family holiday vacation next year...Fast Forward a year, we're right back at mom's making the same plans because we can never agree on what our family vacation should be.” — John Chen, Vice President, Marketing

“Every Christmas we make brunch at home and then drive to Santa Cruz to enjoy the beach while everyone else huddles up inside. We started this tradition when we moved to California and plan on continuing as long as we are close to the beach.” — Ashley Chesson, Membership Retention and Event Services Manager

“Every Christmas morning my Fiancé and I watch the VHS version of The Grinch. He grew up doing this and it’s a fun tradition that was shared with me that we continue every year. Plus, it’s always fun scrambling to find a VHS player in a DVD/Netlfix age!” — Lindsay Emow, Manager, Content

 “Christmas is my favorite holiday season. Our family tradition has always included a huge feast usually at a very nice restaurant. Then it is present time – my favorite activity.  I totally think I know what Santa is bringing me this year since  I have been super nice to everyone all year long.” — Bill McClellan, Vice President, Government Relations

“Every year we gather a big group and go to the Pasadena Rose Parade on New Years day.The parade is followed by a brunch at a local pub!“ — Carol Neher, Director, Event Sales

“Every Christmas Eve, we have steak and crab legs for dinner.  I grill outside no matter how bad the weather might be.  After dinner, my family chooses a couple movies to watch that includes classics like “Elf”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “Christmas Vacation”, and “A Christmas Story.” — Jim Perrus, Vice President - Member Relations

"My personal tradition includes scoping out Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sales online all day. It’s basically a second Black Friday very few know about – same with New Year’s Eve sales.” —  Christiane Tran, Marketing & Administrative Coordinator

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