Digital SupERAchiever: Guthy-Renker Is Forging a New Path in Today’s Digital Frontier

by Vi Paynich on Dec 21, 2015 12:00:00 AM ERA News, Digital Marketing

Guthy-Renker_Is_Forging_a_New_Path_in_Todays_Digital_Frontier_1-663054-edited.pngThe marketing world has evolved in such a way that it’s becoming all-digital—all the time. In fact, Guthy-Renker is in the middle of a huge transformation, forging a new path and innovating in the digital age.

Find out why ERA Digital SupERAchiever Jay Sung, chief marketing officer at Guthy-Renker, LLC, believes this is a very fortunate time to be a marketer... just click on the video.


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