Enhancing Customer Engagement through Brand Ambassadors

by Steve Wachs on Mar 28, 2018 3:00:00 AM Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing, Customer Service, Marketing

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CITGO Petroleum Corporation has been an iconic American brand since 1910. Yet, although the company boasts a long history of providing a variety of services to consumers, like any forward-thinking company, CITGO wanted to make sure its brand identity had staying power. To do that, the company knew it needed to keep up with today’s tech-savvy consumers by introducing its own mobile app.

How did CITGO reach thousands of consumers directly and get them to download the CITGO App? The company decided to use ‘Brand Ambassadors’ from Live Reps Events. When traditional marketing methods didn’t work, teams of ‘Brand Ambassadors’ were deployed to directly connect with the CITGO audience in unique and fun environments.  

Highlighting the CITGO brand, these representatives engaged with potential customers and, literally, created a one-on-one connection. Although the mission can be different for every event, the results can often be astounding. For CITGO, it’s about brand recognition and allowing consumers to receive special promotions on the CITGO App.
In order to create the energy, an effective Brand Ambassador uses different methods. For example, the sound of a spinning wheel combined with giving away a door prize, such as a T-shirt or key chain, always draws attention.  In this case, the real hook was a $5 gas card for signing up for the app. This investment would pay huge dividends down the road for CITGO in order to build customer loyalty.

It’s important that Brand Ambassadors are engaging and energetic. They need to look the part and represent the company in a professional manner. For CITGO, it was the perfect vehicle for reaching thousands of customers in a single event and enhancing their brand profile!

 About the Author

Wachs_Steve-065099-edited.pngStephen (Steve) Wachs began his career in the sports marketing industry in 1993, where he worked closely with the USGA and PGA tour selling corporate hospitality packages to Fortune 500 companies. In 2002, Wachs created Lead Source Telemarketing, a 10-seat phone room offering free rate quotes to homeowners looking to refinance their existing home or purchase a new property. During the mid-2000s, with the new technology and terrific people he had assembled, Wachs rebranded the organization as Live Reps Call Center (LRCC). LRCC is a full-service call center that handles inbound calls 24/7, outbound lead generation, research, surveys, live chat, data entry and fulfillment.

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