Friday Forecast: Media Matters: 5 Key Takeaways From Bluewater Media's Gina Pomponi

by Rick Petry on Oct 27, 2017 10:19:26 AM Digital Marketing, Direct Response

Gina.jpgThis is one of an occasional series featuring direct marketing leaders who will share five key insights they have learned from their career in marketing and advertising.

This week your Friday Forecaster visited Gina Pomponi, President of Bluewater Media’s Media Division. Bluewater Media is a fully integrated results-oriented marketing agency that manages Omni-Channel campaigns for a wide variety of product categories and brands. Gina, who started her career in 1990 at Direct Response Media under the tutelage of Maria Eden, created her media department at Bluewater from the ground up, allowing the agency to round out its full suite of services.

Here are five takeaways that Gina shared:

  1. Direct Marketers Need to Think About Results in Global Terms.
    “Those of us who have been around since the pre-internet days became accustomed to attributing results in a very finite way. Now, with so many different sales channels, we’ve had to shift our thinking and adopt a much more global view. When it comes to results, that means we have to measure and look at everything from response across all channels, to Nielsen ratings, point of sale data, you-name-it. Even though we are focused on getting consumers to take specific action, in some ways we’ve become a more robust form of general advertising that leverages longer lengths of time, cheaper media rates, and greater flexibility. These key differentiators allow us to communicate with consumers in a dynamic way in response to their behavior and the marketplace.”

  2. It Isn’t Enough to Just be a Specialist, You Also Have to be a Generalist. 
    “Too many people in the direct marketing industry think in terms of silos like DRTV or digital. That’s really about their own limitations and not necessarily about what is right for the client. We have to not only be experts in our specific areas of endeavor, but also be generalists who understand the entire marketplace in all of its complexity. For example, if more people go to Amazon to research products than Google, then I need to know about it because that is going to have a direct impact on my client and their campaign. If they’re not on Amazon because they fear it will cannibalize their other channels, then their advertising is just going to feed leads directly to their competitors. It’s this kind of knowledge that allows us to look at the whole picture and make recommendations that will optimize a campaign from every angle.”

  3. Consumers Don’t Make a Distinction Between Direct Response and General Advertising, so Why Should We?
    “With the pervasiveness of the internet and online marketplaces, one could argue that all marketing is direct marketing. The lines between what we used to think of as general or image-based advertising that was primarily brand-driven and direct response have become increasingly blurred. We’ve worked with best of breed brands in virtually every category who want to tell their story with the luxury of more time to do so. As for the consumer, they want what they want and can now easily get it. It’s time we stopped making distinctions between DR and brand advertising; from my view, they are really one and the same.”

  4. DRTV Can No Longer Be Executed in Isolation. It Must Be Integrated.
    “DRTV doesn’t exist in isolation; it has a tremendous impact across all sales channels. Therefore, it’s critical that all of the marketing be integrated and that advertisers partner with an agency that can really do it all because each of the moving parts of a campaign – be it digital, brick and mortar retail or telephony – are interrelated. The days of the specialist are over because there is too much at stake. The right hand needs to know what the left one is doing and the only way that happens is through integrated services where campaigns are managed holistically.”

  5. Integrated Services Are the Key to Success. 
    “One of the things that has been exciting about coming to Bluewater Media has been the opportunity to work in a leadership role with a team that is truly committed to offering a full suite of converged, results-oriented marketing services. A lot of agencies act as if they have integrated services – when, in fact, they outsource areas like digital that they don’t have expertise in, to third parties. I’ve worked with and competed with a lot of different agencies over the years and Bluewater is the real deal. I’ve seen first-hand the impact on success that having everything under one roof gives to campaigns. It’s absolutely the future of the direct marketing business.”
Gina concludes, “It really is true that the only constant is change, but that change creates opportunity. I feel blessed to be part of a culture that is constantly adapting to this ever-present state of change because it’s not only the best way we can serve clients, but it also gives us an edge that I personally find both rewarding and satisfying.”

 About the Author

RickPetry.jpgRick Petry is a direct marketing veteran of over 25 years who has been involved with campaigns that have generated over $1 billion in sales. He provides creative services to both B2C and B2B marketing campaigns and recent projects have included Actegy/Revitive, Education Connection, GOLO, Joybird, and OYO. The author of over 200 articles on direct marketing best practices, Petry has a Bachelor of Arts in Cinema/Television from the University of Southern California and an MBA with a Concentration in Marketing and Sales from Marylhurst University.

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