Heroes, Hugs and Hygiene

by Robb Crocker on Oct 20, 2014 3:00:00 AM D2C Convention

Abe-Lincoln_Crocker_Post_resizedAbraham Lincoln once said that if he had six hours to chop down a tree, he'd spend the first four sharpening the ax. In other words, he would spend a lot more time preparing for the chopping than he would actually swinging the axe. It’s no secret that the use of online video is exploding in popularity, and, for those who know how to use it properly, it’s effectiveness.

With Honest Abe in mind, it’s important that any marketer stop to think about HOW a video will be used online well before they script, shoot, or submit a single frame of video to their favorite online distribution channel.

John Klapp, head of media solutions at YouTube/Google, affirms that in the world of commercial online video, there are three different types an organization needs to think about when planning its own online strategy; namely “Hero Videos,” “Hug Videos,” and “Hygiene Videos.”

The “Hero Video” is the big brand piece that is flashy and splashy … or, in the DR world, the 60-second product spot with a great offer and strong CTA. The “Hero Video” needs to appeal to the emotions of viewers; their “I want it and gotta have it” side. As an example outside of the traditional DR field, look at any number of Apple product launch videos to get a taste of what a Hero Video looks like.

Once you’ve pulled the emotional strings of a viewer through the “Hero Video,” it’s time to provide some substance to the rational mind of those viewers with a “Hug Video.” A “Hug Video” appeases the logical side of a viewer’s brain. Providing details on the features and benefits of your product through the “Hug Video” gives your viewers the logical ammunition that allows them to pull the trigger on a purchase. Examples of effective “Hug Videos” include testimonials, informational feature and benefits videos, and even celebrity endorsements.

The “Hygiene Video” is a post-sale tool. “Hygiene Videos” commonly show customers how to solve simple challenges they may have with their product, like how to get it set-up or calibrated. They can also illustrate for customers special tips and tricks to optimize the use of the product and increase its effectiveness. Properly executed “Hygiene Videos” serve two purposes. The first is to proactively answer common questions to simple challenges customers have. This effectively reduces live customer support needs, and helps to reduce returns. The second purpose is to ensure that the experience customers have with the product is as pleasant, rewarding, and delightful as possible. After all, delighted customers are the ONLY customers who are going to leave positive reviews in an online forum. And as we all know, positive online reviews are gold when it comes to retail.

When you think about an online video strategy, get a clear understanding of how to utilize these different types of videos in your own sales, marketing, and customer retention campaigns.

Sharpen that axe with a clear plan for your Heroes, Hugs, and Hygiene. It makes the chopping so much easier.

Robb Crocker is CEO and founder of Funnelbox Production Studios.
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