"I Don't Speak For The FTC" - DRTV Listener Advisory

by Bill McClellan on Jan 13, 2015 3:00:00 AM Advocacy, FTC, DRTV

Listener_Advisory-533554-editedIf you are working on a DRTV campaign, stop right now and LISTEN TO THIS. It's a behind-the-scenes recording of Senior FTC Attorney Leslie Fair.

While she doesn't speak for the FTC, she is an FTC insider. She takes a look at direct response marketing practices—the ones that caught her eye in 2014. 

The opinions she expresses are her own, so it skips the usual legalese.

She just talks about what is REALLY going on at the FTC.  


We also provide a copy of Leslie's slide deck for you. The deck is labeled "2014 Top 10 for Electronic Retailers." So you can use it to follow along with the audio if you want, or just take a quick look.   

A special thanks to Amy Mudge and Randall Shaheen for helping us acquire this recording. Leslie is a pro and graciously allowed us to use it for this post after the information became public.

Leslie - Thank you for telling us the TRUTH. However, please know that I disagree with your opinion. I thought your taste in music was just fine. I also know that many direct response marketing professionals will agree with me on that.      

P.S. - In case you missed it last month, Michael Ostheimer with the FTC presented a talk on Operation Full Disclosure. You should really check it out if you are working with disclosures and need some guidance. 





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