It Was a DRTV Hit (Literally!)

by Frank Cannella on Jan 22, 2015 3:00:00 AM ERA 25th Anniversary

As part of our ongoing “Memory Lane” series commemorating ERA’s 25th anniversary, here is a funny industry story from Frank Cannella of Cannella Response Television, LLC.

It Was a DRTV Hit (Literally!)I was in a client meeting on a consulting project back in the ’90s. We were in one of the most idyllic settings in the middle of the wilderness—beautiful country. Nothing around us but running rivers, trees everywhere, and lots of moose and black flies. Anyone who knows me knows this is my kind of meeting. Other than the black flies, of course.

We were reviewing a number of key factors to kick off a long-form campaign for the product—everything from marketing partner discussions to creative and media. It quickly became apparent that part of my responsibilities would be as much diplomatic as they were strategic.

So we’re in this large meeting room with couches. We’re sitting around, all relaxed—feet up and getting into the agenda. All of a sudden, a debate ensues between two of the product developers. And before you know it, they are [on] top of one another in a physical fight. I went from being strategic consultant to able diplomat to college-bar bouncer in a matter of seconds. Another guy and I split them up, and eventually we returned to the meeting with our adrenaline racing.

By the way, the product was a hit. In the end, success is what matters—and everything else becomes a story to share.

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Frank Cannella is founder of Cannella Response Television, LLC.

Note: The above blog post was adapted from the article by Michele Wojciechowski entitled "Giving 'Em the Business" published in ER magazine's December 2014 issue. To read the full article, click here.

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