It's Time to Take a Big Step Forward Into Digital

by Julie Coons on Nov 3, 2014 11:41:28 AM Monthly ERA Update

Julie Coons, President & CEO, Electronic Retailing AssociationWith the holiday season approaching, marketers and retailers are bracing themselves for the most critical time of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday will set the tone for the buying season, and although DR companies have good reason to be concerned about holiday sales numbers, there are more long-term issues impacting the industry. 

Collectively, we recognize that it’s a difficult time for traditional direct response marketing. While some in the industry are doing well, others find it challenging to adapt to the constantly evolving omnichannel environment. Some in the supplier community are struggling to meet the needs of marketers’ new business models.

As an industry, we need to take a big step forward. Recognizing that change is required to survive and thrive, ERA has pivoted to provide you, our members, access to the information and experts who can lead you through this shift to digital. One important way that we’re doing this is through leadership. The ERA Board of Directors has adopted a three-year strategic plan that enables you to become as expert in digital marketing as you are in DRTV today.

Beginning in January 2015, Electronic Retailer magazine—ERA’s official publication—will deliver stronger digital content to its readership. The magazine team will publish a bimonthly print edition, supported by feature-packed digital editorial that speaks to the industry. Our biweekly e-newsletter, ER Online, will combine with ER magazine to provide a full range of current industry news and in-depth thought leadership. ER Online will keep readers current, while ER magazine will dive deeper than ever before. This is a prime example of ERA walking the talk when it comes to the shift in consumers’ behavior and the role digital plays in their daily decisions.

Recent studies indicate that consumers are staying connected; with 90 percent of U.S. households paying for TV subscriptions such as cable and satellite, 75 percent also opt for broadband Internet. Since last year, the number of households paying for both has increased 5.5 percent. And while TV ad spend is still significantly larger, eMarketer reports that spending on digital video advertising will grow 42 percent this year; TV, only 3 percent.

This is data we simply can’t ignore; as an industry, we must respond to this shift in consumer behavior. It means making hard choices about where we spend marketing dollars, and how we allocate dollars to talent. And while it will require taking a few risks, ERA will be there to support your business as you pivot, and help you achieve success now and into the future.
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