Julie Coons Recounts the September Board Meeting

by Julie Coons on Sep 24, 2013 4:07:00 PM ERA News

Greetings from here on site at the ERA D2C Convention!  On behalf of the ERA Board of Directors and all volunteer leaders, we are delighted that you are here at the industry's largest annual international trade show and conference.  Thanks to you, we are already on our way to record numbers for this year.

Yesterday under the skillful leadership of new Board Chairman Elliott Segal of Guthy Renker, the Board of Directors met throughout the day to focus on the future of the industry and how ERA can continue to provide value to members today -- and as the industry evolves.

Directors shared that issues that emanate from Washington, DC continue to pose challenges to the success of DR campaigns and our businesses.  The FTC continues to indicate it will increasingly look "downstream" to key suppliers including payment processors and fulfillment companies as "choke points" to cut off marketers that run afoul of Commission rules. The FTC and state attorneys general are looking askance at negative option marketing, especially where BOGO offers are involved.  Directors shared concerns that e-commerce platforms including Google are applying filters to member advertisements without publishing the rules for marketers to review and abide by.  Despite the long standing "white coat" ruling, network clearance teams apply different standards to our shows, slowing clearance as well as increasing production costs.

This robust conversation by directors informs the current and future plans of ERA to direct our resources and efforts to issues that most challenge our membership.  In the coming months I look forward to keeping you informed of the important work of the Board.  You can find a list of all board members on the ERA website and if you have anything you want to share with Chairman Elliott Segal, please contact him at chairman@retailing.org

Have a wonderful show and I look forward to seeing you on the show floor!

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