Pandora, CBS Radio, Sirius XM, PodcastOne Join Direct Results for Masters Series Session

by Vi Paynich on Sep 18, 2015 12:00:00 AM D2C Convention, Digital Marketing, Masters Series

Marketers are constantly seeking different methods for communicating their marketing message, which means being open minded about different marketing channels. One of the channels that more direct response marketers are paying closer attention to these days is digital and audio media. Want to learn how digital and audio media can deliver ROI and repeatable results? Then don’t miss the D2C Masters Series session, The Evolution of Digital and Audio Media on Wednesday, October 7 from 3:45 p.m. - 4:45 p.m.

In fact, ERA recently spoke to session moderator Jill Albert, president of Direct Results, to learn why radio and digital audio is an ideal medium for marketing your brand, the key takeaways people can expect, as well as  the special prizes that will be awarded to some lucky attendees!

Tell us about your company and what you do.

JA: Direct Results is a direct response company specializing in radio and audio digital media. We design and implement campaigns to help advertisers acquire new customers at the right cost and the right pace. We place tens of millions of dollars annually, and we track response so we know what stations deliver what audience and at what cost.

Why should DR marketers be paying closer attention to digital and audio media?

JA: Ninety-four percent of consumers listen to audio on a weekly basis. It is a very personal media, so targeting  a qualified listener is easy once you learn how to use the media effectively. Radio and digital audio is often delivered in the car when consumers are alone, interested in listening, and not bombarded with multiple messages. Most people listen to the same station daily and count on that station to deliver news, information, and products and services relevant  to their lifestyle and needs. Furthermore, music and talk radio is entertainment. It makes people happy and when they are happy and entertained, they are more likely to receive the advertising message.

Why should people attend your session?

JA: Radio and digital audio is changing. Consumer use of media is changing. This seminar will teach and show attendees when to use podcasting vs. Sirius vs. terrestrial radio vs. streaming. Attendees will also understand when and how to combine different media types—how to use each effectively. The session will show specific case studies/examples and give attendees the tools to build a campaign using radio and audio digital that will deliver the right ROI every time. 

Tell us about the companies that will be speaking on your panel.

JA: We have CBS Radio, a leader in terrestrial radio; PodcastOne, the leading podcast programmer in the world with over 200 channels; Sirius XM with over 60 channels of satellite programming; and Pandora, a leading streamer.

What are three important takeaways that attendees can expect from your session?

JA: Attendees will learn: 1) Which media to use for various demographics and lifestyles; 2) Trends of consumer media usage; and 3) How to develop and implement a DR campaign using radio and digital audio that will deliver the right ROI every time!

What else can attendees expect?

JA: I think attendees would be interested to know that during the session, we will hold a drawing for the following prizes:

  • In-studio session with celebrity podcast host
  • Pandora swag bags
  • CBS  swag
  • $100 in dinner gift certificates
  • Concert tickets TBA in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, or New York (winner’s hometown)

What do you like most about the direct response industry? Why?

JA: Accountability! I love to work with advertisers to develop strategy and metrics to help their companies grow. In DR, we can clearly deliver what we said we would deliver and scale programs to control growth. We ask clients what they want to accomplish, what success looks like, and we build and implement customized programs to help them be successful and happy. What’s better than that?!
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