Preparing for Social Commerce

by Rey Pasinli on Nov 16, 2015 7:30:00 PM Digital Marketing, Support Services

For over a decade, we’ve been completely captured by what we call Web 2.0. We upload content to social media channels. We talk about events, post our thoughts, take photos of our meals—all in real time.

But what’s next? If you ask me, we’re on the verge of the next revolutionary wave of peer-to-peer interaction.

The New Social Experience

Social Commerce, the ability to complete a transaction in the social media environment, exists today. Whether you want to tweet a beer to your buddy at the bar, purchase the latest Katy Perry record, or donate to your favorite charity—the technology to do this in the social feed is available to any merchant. Twitter just launched Twitter Buy Buttons. Pinterest Offers Buyable Pins. Facebook now allows third-party tools like Video Checkout or Video Fundraise, allowing you to post a video to your Facebook page and take payment or donations within the Facebook feed. In-stream transactions are happening today, and they’re available to you with minimal setup.  

Customers are just getting used to these features, so it’s your job to be creative in how you present your offerings to your followers. With that in mind, we will continue to see a change in the way customers make payments. Do you remember the days of visiting your local record shop and using physical cash to make a purchase? Do you remember the shift to online purchasing with your credit card? We will most definitely see this trend continue as customers use social media to transact and share their transactions with their friends and family.

How You Can Prepare

Are you utilizing your social media presence to increase sales? Are you offering exclusive deals to your followers on Twitter? Are you encouraging your Facebook audience to share and buy into your brand?

You should be.

It’s time to master the integration between commerce and social media. We can no longer be afraid of this emerging trend. By focusing on how we can better reach our target audience through social media TODAY, direct response marketers will be better prepared for the explosive round of growth that takes place TOMORROW.

So the question is – How are you preparing?

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Rey Pasinli is Executive Director of Total-Apps.

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