Put Me In, Coach--I'm Ready!

by Megan Becker on Aug 19, 2014 1:48:00 PM D2C Convention, Moxie Awards

An exclusive look inside the successful career of 2014 ERA Lifetime Achievement Award Winner, Collette Liantonio

It all started with her background in theater. Collette Liantonio’s go-getter attitude and her passion for putting on a show ignited her talent for creating commercials. She was hooked after her first commercial for Bug Zapper was a hit, and she’s been unstoppable ever since.

But even after 33 years in the business, she admits she’s still learning.

Changes in technology have drastically affected the way DRTV marketers do business. New social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube have changed the way people consume media, giving DR veterans like Liantonio new opportunities to connect with their audience. What’s the best part about working in DR? The people. “We work with some of the most brilliant people that I’ve ever met,” says Liantonio.

Check out this special interview with industry pioneer, Collette Liantonio, as she looks back on her lifetime of success, gives advice to those just starting out, and shares the highlights of her brilliant career!

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