Richard Simmons Brings Enthusiasm and Energy to Call Center

by Jim Speidel on Apr 30, 2015 3:17:00 AM ERA 25th Anniversary

Richard-Simmons-Deal-a-Meal-964483-editedBack in the early 90’s, only a few years after West was formed, Deal-A-Meal was one of the hottest direct response programs running. American Telecast was our client and, of course, Richard Simmons was the spokesman and marketer of Deal-A-Meal.

During one of the promotional swings Richard stopped by the original West call center in Omaha to bring cheer and a thank you to the agents taking his phone calls. Portions of his visit were filmed therefore Richard put on his trademark shorts and tank top, and thrilled the agents and management with a high energy and enthusiastic visit up and down the aisles offering words of encouragement to the agents. 

The great memory for many that attended that day was the kindness and enthusiasm that everyone felt from his commercials was exactly the same in person. Everyone working that day appreciated having their few minutes with one of the early pioneers of direct response marketing.

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