[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] How to Use Online Video to Master User Engagement

by Jack Haanraadts on Aug 24, 2016 12:00:00 AM D2C Convention, Digital Marketing, DRTV, Masters Series

Liantonio_Collette_-729413-edited.jpegDo you want to know how you can use online video to boost traffic to your brand’s website? Do you ever wonder what type of content will not only attract viewers to your site, but also keep their attention? Renowned direct response expert Collette Liantonio, President and founder of Concepts TV Productions, and Social Media expert Stephanie Siewert of Marketing Maven, will answer these questions during the 2016 ERA D2C Convention, September 13-15 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.

On September 14, Liantonio and Siewert will present the Masters Series session, “How to Use Online Video to Master User Engagement.” Their presentation will provide expert insight on how to use the power of online video to create engaging content.

“I’m thrilled to speak at ERA’s D2C this year to impart the major paradigm shifts from single DRTV and infomercials to digital engagement,” says Liantonio. “At Concepts TV, we specialize in turning ordinary products into household names. The perfect creative pitch and practices bring products to life. I am excited to share this valuable process with my peers at D2C.”

During this one-hour session, Liantonio’s extensive work in direct marketing and Siewert’s expertise in digital marketing efforts will shed light on developing engaging content to elevate your brand in the DRTV domain.

Siewert_Stephanie-756417-edited.jpeg“My portion of the presentation will focus on how contemporary social media strategists can best optimize social media campaigns, particularly through the use of online video, to master user engagement,” said Siewert. “Social media strategy plays a massive role in integrated marketing communications in 2016, so I’m happy to share my experience with others in the industry.”

For more information about this session and other Masters Series sessions, click here.

Jack Haanraadts is account coordinator at Marketing Maven.

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