[SESSION SPOTLIGHT] Matching Claims to the Evidence: Brainstorming With the Experts

by Vi Paynich on Jan 13, 2016 12:00:00 AM Great Ideas Summit, Advocacy, DRTV

Matching_Claims_to_the_Evidence_Brainstorming_With_the_Experts-780964-edited.jpgDo you have a question or two about the product claims made in your DR creative? Are you worried about any potential red flags? If so, then we highly recommend attending the Masters Series session, “Matching Claims to the Evidence: Brainstorming With the Experts,” on Tuesday, February 23 at The Great Ideas Summit 2016.

Spend an hour with our presenters and have your questions answered by seasoned legal professionals Randy Shaheen (Venable LLP) and Ivan Wasserman (Manatt). What’s more, they encourage you to come up with product claims you believe are supportable and then our presenters will discuss the validity of those claims as a group and offer suggestions. Can you stump the experts with a claim? This fast-paced round of information change will challenge your thoughts and ideas about what you can and can’t say when making a claim about your product.

For more information about this session or other Masters Series sessions, visit www.retailing.org/greatideas.

Photo by hywards/FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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