STATWatch: 92 percent of marketers take greater interest in personalization*

by Irv Brechner on Feb 2, 2015 3:00:00 AM Digital Marketing

STATWatch-_92_percent_of_marketers_take_greater_interest_in_personalization-070825-editedEmail blasts to everyone on your customer and inquiry lists are rapidly becoming a less-than-best practice. As email continues to inundate consumers, it’s only natural that they gravitate toward messages personalized to their needs and wants.

While DRTV reaches the masses and gets consumers to buy or express interest, the after-the-fact approach of email marketing does the opposite. Let’s say you’ve built up a database of 50,000 consumers—half buyers and half inquirers. You know which products they purchased or asked about, and perhaps additional information about them.

Crafting a personalized email campaign based on past purchases and intent is likely to be more effective than blasting the same messages out to everyone.

*“The Personalization Imperative,” DM News, October 2014

Irv Brechner is executive vice president of acquirgy and creator of its Customer Acquisition IntelCenter.

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