Thank God I Own a Drone

by Collette Liantonio and Collette Stohler on Dec 19, 2017 1:02:20 PM Digital Marketing


After 35 years as a creative director and writer in DRTV, many would consider me to be a direct response expert. When my daughter, Collette Stohler, invited me to critique her social media postings for a prominent shoe company, I felt my insight would be invaluable. Collette and her husband Scott are travel journalists and social media influencers on

The photography was spectacular (son-in-law). The model was beautiful (daughter). But I was disturbed that their products, the shoes, were not the focal point. In fact, they were at the very bottom of the frame wading through the picturesque river.

Time for mom to be schooled.

The shoes were water resistant – hence the river.

The beautiful photographer and model made you look (attention grabber lifestyle) and the entire posting was seen by a five star audience of hundreds of thousands of faithful Instagram followers.

There was a great call to action (CTA)…drive to the website! Voila – the perfect blend of old school ad and new media branding. Today’s advertising blends old school DRTV with a CTA with the effortless lifestyle feel of image advertising. What appeared to be editorial drove sales – like great PR with a CTA.

I’m learning what everyone in the DRTV business should be learning – fast!

We’ve built a beautiful new studio where we shoot every day – for Facebook, Instagram, and web tests. Yes we continue to film infomercials and short form commercials with powerful CTA’s and blatant sales pitches. But we’re thrilled to create Brandmercials and 10 second messages. And my camera lenses are shifting from close ups to lifestyles. And thank God I have a drone.

So in a nutshell, what have the new media mavericks schooled us in?

The eyeballs are not on TV screens – if they are, they bypass our ads, so how do we reach them? As millennials grow up and have increasing disposable income, advertisers have to reach this key category in a different way – through social media. These millennials will immediately click off of a blatant advertisement. Instead, they want social content that is both relatable and inspirational at the same time. All the while, millennials want to consume content through their phones, not their televisions. Millennials run from the yell and sell and instead, they’re gravitating towards the relatable influencer. Our blatant pleas to “act now” are falling on “deaf” ears and bored eyes!

Things to Know About New Media

“Native advertisements have been around for decades, but now, they have a new stage on which to shine. Social media is taking a large piece of the advertising market with in-feed ads, online video, and paid content marketing all creating a new type of marketing pie. According to Rapid TV News, display advertising will increase from $84 billion to $126 billion dollars by 2019.”

Social Media: “While some of the $126 billion accounts for overall digital media, a large portion of this digital spend will be in social media. According to Rapid TV News, social media is predicted to grow at a rate of 20% a year and online video is growing at a rate of 21% a year.”

According to an article in Forbes, “at least 60% of consumers are watching branded videos on social media daily.” Forbes continued to say, “76.5% of professional marketers and SMB owners have found that using video has had a direct impact on their bottom lines.”

According to an article in Marketing Dive, companies are set to spend $135 billion on online video this year, which is about 2x the $71 billion companies will spend on TV. Social media is proving its profitability with the ability to target niche demographics at a fraction of the cost of television media buys.

We are officially in the golden age of video. The Magisto Report shows that “companies are embracing video marketing because their efforts can be easily scaled up and the content is effective at creating an emotional engagement while providing the easy delivery of digital advertising.” From short films to pre-roll advertisements and influencer marketing to how-to’s, video is king of the online world.

The eyeballs are not on the TV… But video is still king. Long live the king!

 About the Author

CoHighResHeadShot2014.jpgSince launching Concepts TV Productions in 1983, many of Collette Liantonio’s commercials and infomercials have become industry legends and household names; including Ambervision, Bedazzler, Veggetti and the George Foreman Grill. Concepts TV has won more than 150 awards, featuring celebrities such as Montel Williams, Joe Namath, Wayne Gretsky, Arnold Palmer and Jack LaLanne. In 2017, Concepts Video was formed and has since expanded into the corporate and medical arena, while also working on international social media production.

She is the recipient of ERA’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the first woman elected to the Response Hall of Fame, and was honored as “A Woman of Achievement” by the Girl Scouts. In 2016, Concepts TV received Moxie’s first Pro Bono Award for their fund raising video, “It Starts with a Girl”.

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