The FTC Isn't the Only One Watching Direct Response Marketers

by Bill McClellan on May 17, 2017 9:36:05 AM FTC, Digital Marketing, Direct Response


Recently, I told you "A Story about “Big Luther” Strange III" to encourage you to come to this year’s GA Fly-In & ERSP Summit. Later, I reported on the "Top 5 Reasons" you should make the trip. 

While re-reading these top five reasons, I realized I left out one of the most important reasons you should attend this year.

The bottom line is that the FTC isn’t the only one watching DRTV. State Attorneys General and other state regulators have discovered Direct Response and are making enforcement waves.Karl_Racine_155.jpg

I am proud to report that this year we will be hosting a sitting State Attorney General Karl A. Racine (D-DC) at our opening reception.

This is a special treat that we are all looking forward to. Attorney General Racine is a young up-and-coming star in the Democratic Party that we'll be reminiscing about for years to come. 

But Wait There's More...

Amy Mudge will also be moderating a panel entitled State Consumer Protection and Enforcement in an ERA of Federal Deregulation. She will be joined by Victoria Butler the Director of Consumer Protection for the Office of the Florida Attorney General. We might have a surprise addition as a guest for this panel as well. Regardless, they will be joined by industry stalwart Greg Christiansen to explore an era where the Trump Administration is promising less regulation and enforcement. The panel will discuss areas of interest for state consumer protection agencies and how they will impact the industry.

Why is This a Big Deal for Direct Response? 

If you think the FTC is the only enforcer to fear, think again. State Attorneys General throughout the United States are taking notice of marketing practices in the direct response industry. Like I said before, the FTC isn't the only one watching DRTV.  

Are You at Risk?  

To prepare you for the heightened levels of expected enforcement from State Attorneys General, we are looking forward to hearing what we can do as an industry to minimize the risk.  

State Regulatory oversight is an important trend in the industry right now that needs your attention. Recently, a number of companies have been caught off guard by State Attorney General oversight. It's an expensive mistake to make. We know that hearing first hand from State Regulators is another important advocacy step ERA is taking on your behalf.

I hope you can join us for this important event!

 About the Author


Bill McClellan serves as ERA's Vice President of Government Affairs. Prior to joining the association, Bill worked as a lobbyist at the Georgia Automobile Dealers Association, covering the state legislature and Georgia's congressional delegation. Before working for the GADA, Bill managed political campaigns at both the congressional and state constitutional levels  

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