The FTC Isn't the Only One Watching DRTV

by Bill McClellan on Apr 22, 2015 3:00:00 AM Advocacy

Reyes_250tFirst Harry Hill of Oak Lawn Marketing Group shared his experience about participating in the Government Affairs Fly-In. Then DRTV veteran Jeff Tuller of Savvier explained the importance of seeing firsthand the government and the legislature at work.   

Today I am pleased to announce another reason for you to join us for this year’s Government Affairs Fly-In! For the first time ever ERA is proud to host a sitting State Attorney General as one of our featured speakers.

Utah State Attorney General Sean Reyes will be joining us this year for the event. This is a special treat that we are all looking forward to. Attorney General Reyes is a young up-and-coming star in the Republican party that we will be hearing about for years to come. Rumor has it that he is an exceptional orator as well.

Why is this a big deal for DRTV? 

If you think the FTC is the only enforcer to fear, think again. State Attorneys General throughout the United States are taking notice of marketing practices in the direct response industry. The FTC isn't the only one watching DRTV.  

Are you at risk?  

To prepare you for the heightened levels of expected enforcement from State Attorneys General, we are looking forward to hearing what we can do as an industry to minimize the risk. Attorney General Reyes will share his thoughts on the problems in the marketplace, give guidance on how to remedy those problems, and provide further insight into what issues might be on the radar of State Attorneys General. 

This is an important trend that is happening right now in the industry that you should pay close attention to. Recently, a number of companies have been caught off guard by State Attorney General oversight. It is an expensive mistake to make. We know that hearing first hand from Attorney General Reyes is another important advocacy step ERA is taking on your behalf. I hope you can join us for this important event.

For more information or to register, click here.

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