The Number 3 - Projected Midterm Results

by Bill McClellan on Oct 28, 2014 1:32:00 PM Advocacy

Number3-1Election season is heating up.  This year a good bit of the action has focused on the election for the Senate.  There is a lot riding on one simple question - Will Republicans wrestle control of the Senate from Democrats? 

Through ERA's strategic partnership with the National Journal we are closer to finding out an answer to that question.  

The National Journal Intelligence team has pulled together the following presentation projecting Midterm Results for us with 3 important slides for your review.  

Among the findings?  The number 3.    

Three Republican victories could flip the Senate.  Most projections paint Democrats as vulnerable and Senate Republicans need 3.    

A likely scenario of a flipped Senate would consist of 43 Democrats and 55 Republicans with 2 Independents.  Current best guess is that of the 7 toss up seats 3 will fall in the Republican camp.  

Two other quick bits of info - It is becoming more likely that the election will not be decided in November but rather that we will enter a phase of recounts and runoffs that could potentially last into the New Year.

Also certain - the election to replace Obama is on.  Behind the scenes candidates have already begun jockeying.  Expect coverage of the horse race to begin in earnest in early November.

Until then remember to vote! Many elections are to close to call so its important.








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