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by Craig Handley on Mar 8, 2016 12:00:00 AM Support Services

Get_in_the_Kitchen_Recipes_for_Awesome_Customer_Service-541322-edited.pngIn the month of March, the DR industry focuses on housewares and I would like to share a few elements of the successful secret sauce that makes kitchen products a profitable category. One of our most successful campaigns involving products from the kitchen had an increase over 15 percent on the average order value in just a few months.

The Art of Reading a Script

The average person is most likely capable of reading a call center script, but what about understanding the script and reciting it with a natural and convincing tone? That is the key. You need call center agents to understand not only the product or service they are selling but, more importantly, the benefits of them. With exercise equipment, it is easier for customers to make a direct connection between product and benefits, whereas with kitchen products, the way a script is presented is extremely important. Buyers in this category are very visual and the outcome for each person is different. Not everyone is looking at the outcome of his or her purchase to be a smoothie—it could be a salsa or something else. An agent has to demonstrate the product verbally to create a visualization of the product outcome for that individual caller, which comes from asking questions, listening, and gaining trust by having valid conversations based on that customer's desired outcome.  

Step Right Up

Hosting demonstrations for your call center agents is highly beneficial and worth the time and investment. It should be considered a necessary aspect of the training process since this first-hand experience with the products they are selling is a priceless asset to you and your clients. Our agents operate the products and follow the recipes, which they later use as selling points when communicating with customers. The authenticity cannot be faked. It really comes across in a person’s voice when they know what they are talking about and this is an especially important quality to have as a sales agent. The more natural the conversation, the more trust is built and the chance of a sale increases. The customer can truly sense the empathy and the honesty.

Food, Glorious Food

I just mentioned the recipes. They are the final tools you should use to increase the chance of a sale and to improve the customer experience. To bring the sale home, our agents will bring into the conversation recipes—which they have tried for themselves—to strengthen the trust built between themselves and the customer. This has been a great sales technique when selling kitchen appliances such as blenders or ovens. Agents build rapport with customers by talking about recipes specific to the time of yea; for example, delicious turkey dishes around the holidays or ham and deviled eggs around Easter.

In Spanish, there is a saying "el corazón de la casa está en la cocina," which translates to, “the heart of the house is in the kitchen.” Everyone in the sales world is constantly striving to maximize the person-to-person connection and for kitchenware, especially in the Hispanic market, food is a common denominator everyone loves and appreciates. There already exists a universal, emotional attachment to food, and we capitalize on it by having our agents use this to best serve our clients and their customers. If you listen to the customer, and generate content relevant to the conversation, you will earn their trust, provide a better experience, and increase sales and average order value.

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Craig Handley is the CEO and one of the Founders of ListenTrust (formerly Listen Up Español), a leading bilingual call center for English and Spanish multichannel services. Handley is an 18-year direct response veteran and an expert in Hispanic marketing, DR sales maximization, and brand expansion.

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