This Holiday Season, it’s Mobile Commerce or Bust!

by Teresa Zobrist on Dec 11, 2017 11:31:13 AM Digital Marketing, e-Commerce


According to the CMO Council, mobile e-commerce will contribute 24.4% to the total revenue of the e-commerce sector by the end of 2017. Mobile-first design is imperative in the website development to position retailers to capture this market share.

E-commerce experts and practitioners cannot overstate the importance of making sure your payment information webpage loads quickly and accurately. Mobile shoppers now outnumber regular desktop shoppers, buttressing this inescapable fact. You do not want your customer to have to wait to order your product in this age of instant gratification.

Too often, online shoppers interested in products or services get turned away, or discouraged and bail when a retailer's site is slow loading, hard to navigate, and the check-out is too complex and lengthy. With more and more customers beginning to shop online via their mobile phone, losing customers will continue to get worse if retailers don't have an easy to use, responsive website. 

To solve this problem, Zobrist Consulting has introduced Mobiecom, a high-performance mobile-first e-commerce storefront for IBM Digital Commerce. It is a Single Page Application and super-fast on mobile devices. Mobiecom turns window shoppers into customers as it removes barriers preventing consumers from viewing shopping sites, buying products and checking out, therefore improving conversion rate with enhanced performance and simplified checkout, especially for mobile shoppers.

For all ecommerce companies, don’t leave millions of dollars on the table by failing to keep up with your impatient mobile-savvy customers. Lightning-fast loading times, and a responsive design so mobile shoppers can easily navigate and quickly checkout of e-commerce websites is critical to you beating out your competition.

 About the Author

Teresa Zobrist-1_2016.jpgTeresa Zobrist is President and CEO of Zobrist Consulting, a Premier IBM Business Partner specializing in e-commerce. She has over 30 years of experience in IT and, for the last 16 years, her company has focused on building ecommerce sites for retail, distribution and manufacturing. She fosters partnership between companies for innovative solution delivery and believes in achieving high efficiency through organization and planning. To learn more about Zobrist Consulting, view their latest announcement here:

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