Top Five Blog Posts from February 2015

by Megan Becker on Mar 3, 2015 4:20:09 PM Miscellaneous

NumberFive_280Though it is the shortest month of the year, February was a whirlwind of excitement with breaking news from the Better Business Bureau, the announcement of the re-formed ERA Radio Council, new Net Neutrality laws, and several snow flurries in between.

These are the five hottest blog posts from the record-breaking, colder-than-cold month of February:

  1. Opinion – Field Report: The 3 Big DR Trends That Will Shape 2015
    By Jordan Pine

    Don’t overlook these three important trends if you plan to be a player in the short-form game in 2015. Competition and customer expectations are heating up, so get ready for what’s coming this year.

  2. U.S. Court to FTC: Two Studies Are Too Much
    By Edward F. Glynn Jr.

    POM Wonderful LLC vs. the FTC has created heated debate in regards to advertising claims and how much support is needed to make substantiated claims about health benefits.

  3. Opinion – Nationwide’s Super Bowl Ad Fumbles
    By Rick Petry

    Nationwide Insurance employs a “borrowed interest” advertising strategy for their 2015 Super Bowl commercial that left viewers both confused and uninterested.

  4. Lessons Learned from eBay’s Marketplace
    By Sam Mallikarjunan

    This information-rich post compares the business models of Amazon and eBay, and identifies a number of different factors that have contributed to the e-commerce companies’ successes, including leadership, personalization, buyer and seller satisfaction, and more.

  5. [1992] CBS This Morning: Behind the Infomercials
    By Megan Becker

    As a part of ERA's Memory Lane for the 25th Anniversary, we're showcasing this interview from CBS This Morning in 1992 following the NIMA Annual Convention, where Advertising Age columnist Bob Garfield uncovered some of the astounding truths about the infomercial world.

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