Top Five Blog Posts from March 2015

by Megan Becker on Apr 10, 2015 12:01:00 PM Miscellaneous

NumberFive_280The month of March certainly lived up the expectation of total Madness. Whether you were engrossed in the NCAA tournament, fighting off spring allergies, or still bundled up and cursing the spring snow, it was certainly a month of excitement. 

From targeting millenials to writing rock-star DRTV scripts, we were covering it all. Take a look at the top 5 blog posts from March 2015:

  1. Opinion - Field Report: The Rise of 'Feeders' in Direct Response Television
    By Jordan Pine

    What does it take to make it to the top in direct response? Three ways DR marketers are discovering hits.

  2. Opinion - GEICO Reimagines the Pre-Roll Ad as Voyeuristic Delight
    By Rick Petry

    GEICO's new pre-roll advertisement has gone viral! The "unskippable" ad has had over 5 million views on did they do it?

  3. 4 Ways Direct Response Marketers Can Earn Millennials' Trust & Loyalty
    By Curalate

    If you haven't considered targeting millennials for your next product, you may be missing out on the largest living generation in the United States. Here are four things you need to know about this influential demographic.

  4. Why the Benefits Outweigh the Features in an Effective Direct Response Television Script
    By Cory Bergeron

    To get a reaction from consumers, you have to make them feel something. Here's how direct response marketers can use product benefits to illicit reaction and response from interested buyers.

  5. Google Reveals e-Commerce Plans with "Buy" Button
    By Peter Koeppel

    Is Google attempting to go head-to-head with e-Commerce mogul, Amazon? How will "one click ordering" change the search engine results pages forever? 

As we enter the true months of spring, we've got some exciting new content and events coming your way! Be on the lookout for new eBooks, blog contributors, and more information blossoming in the warm months ahead. 

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