Friday Forecast: Meltzer Media's Petra Gopfert Shares 5 Fast Takeaways Regarding the Impact of Social Media

by Rick Petry on Jan 29, 2018 1:19:14 PM Social Media

This is one of an occasional series featuring direct marketing leaders who will share five key insights they have learned from their career in marketing and advertising. Recently your Friday Forecaster sat down with Petra Gopfert, VP of Retail Operations for New York-based Meltzer Media.

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How MuteSix is Making Direct Response Ads Work at Scale on Facebook

by Greg Gillman on Nov 20, 2017 12:13:26 PM Social Media

Making direct response ads work on Facebook is hard. Making them work at scale is even harder.

But like anything worth having, nothing comes easy.

Today I'm going to reveal how the team at MuteSix are scaling direct response campaigns on Facebook.

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Friday Forecast: Is Bias Infecting Your Marketing Efforts?

by Colleen Ferrier and Rick Petry on Jul 21, 2017 11:01:25 AM Brand Marketing, Social Media

Amid our hazy summer of discontent, accusations of bias are everywhere. From charges of prejudicial news reporting, to the suppression of free speech on campuses, to one-sided social media screeds, the human tendency to lean into the views we agree with has become increasingly commonplace. In a world that is awash with a glut of information, the instinct to sort through and locate data that aligns with our preconceived notions acts as a kind of shortcut that allows one to separate the proverbial wheat from the chafe.

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Peter Koeppel’s 6-Part Series on Trend Spotting: Part 4, Social Media

by Peter Koeppel on Nov 3, 2016 1:51:39 PM D2C Convention, Digital Marketing, Brand Marketing, Social Media

At the 2016 ERA D2C convention in Las Vegas last September, I presented a session entitled Trend Spotting: Benchmarking the Present and Predicting the Future of Marketing. My intention was a simple one: to synthesize the latest statistics, forecasts, and best practices in marketing from over 100 different sources to save my audience time and to provide insight that will help you today and in the future. In the fourth of this six-part series we take a look at social media. Given the presentation was confined to an hour, I have had to limit my focus, but hopefully the learnings gleaned will prove helpful to the reader.

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