Unsure About Digital Marketing? These Cold, Hard Numbers Will Turn You

by Sean Fay on Jul 19, 2016 12:00:00 AM Digital Marketing


Sometimes you just need a hard kick on the backside to get moving…

… even when you know you’ve got to act. Fast.

That’s true for marketers like you and I too.

You hear impressive stories of video doing wonders for lead gen and conversion. About video earning brands massive exposure as part of an integrated advertising approach.

We know how influential video is in driving prospects to take a specific action (Online Publishers Association reported that of the 80% of folks that recalled seeing a video in the last 30 days, 46% of those took some measurable action after viewing). Yet…we still haven’t implemented video to its fullest.

Leaving a gaping black hole in your marketing funnels.

It may have resulted in lost business already—but it’s not too late to salvage it going forward!

Below are some revealing (numerical) reasons why you need to get started shooting videos—or even more videos—TODAY. Consider them your helpful kick in the rear to get going:

Video Marketing Where The Money Is

80% of senior executives say they watch more video now than they did even a year ago.

75% of executives polled by Forbes watch work-related videos at least weekly. 65% of them went on to visit the marketer’s website after viewing.

59% of executives report a preference to consume video over text, if both are options on the same page.

Seems a no-brainer that having a video presence for your brand—particularly if you’re selling B2B as well—can help you curry favor with those that have authority to spend money with you.

Video Marketing  To The Masses

55% of people watch videos online every day.

90% of visitors on a retailer’s website report that video is helpful in making a purchasing decision while on the site.

16:49 - The average user spends 16:49 every month watching video ads, according to comScore.

2:00 - comScore also reports marketers enjoy an extra 2:00 of on-page time per visit from those who view videos during their session, versus those who don’t.

Since online consumer behavior leans more and more to accepting (and even expecting) video in the normal course of browsing, it’s high time you inject your brand into your prospects’ minds!


Video Marketing With Email

19% - Emails have received a 19% increased open rate when the word “video” was included in the subject line.

65% - Emails have received a 65% increase in click-through rate when they’ve included links to videos in them.

50% - When email newsletters include links to videos, consumers are nearly 50% more likely to read the newsletter.

75% - Eloqua discovered that sending an introductory email containing a video reduced unsubscribes by 75%.

Think it’s time to test out videos in your emails yet? You might be surprised with the increased engagement—especially if you create a compelling video and have only used text emails before!

Video Marketing Predictions

96% - Merchant Marketing Group reported 96% of B2B companies plan to use video in their marketing plans in the next year.

69% - By 2017, 69% of all consumer internet traffic will be spent watching videos.

79% - One year later in 2018, video will account for 79% of all consumer internet traffic.

$13,000,000,000 - Animoto reported online businesses are predicted to spend almost $13,000,000,000 (billion) on video marketing efforts by 2018.

If the writing wasn’t on the wall already, it should be for your business’s marketing. Creating video assets to communicate with your customers is absolutely critical. That’s where ad dollars are going—because that’s where leads and sales are increasingly coming from!


Bottom Line Results With Video Marketing

64% - Of the online retail visitors that stay on average 2:00 longer on pages with videos (see “Video Marketing To The Masses” above), 64% of those visitors are likely to go on and purchase.

50x - In a famous (albeit 7-year-old) Forrester study, it was found that video had a 50 times greater chance of appearing on the first page of Google search results, compared with regular text or HTML pages.

52% - Reelnreel reported 52% of marketing professionals across the globe said video content gave them the best ROI.

49% - According to Aberdeen, businesses using online video grew revenues 49% faster year-over-year than those not using video. 

What Are You Waiting For?

Now it’s time to get moving. You see video’s impact along the entire customer journey: through engagement, lead generation and ultimate sales…so why not put it to good use for your brand?

And even if these cold, hard numbers aren’t enough to motivate you for gain…think about the leads and sales you are losing by ignoring the persuasive power of video!

Need help getting started? You’ll pick up some practical video marketing ideas right here. Or, visit our main Blog page to get introduced to a whole slew of proven video marketing tactics that get results.

Questions? Comments? Or do you know of any other telling video marketing statistics worth sharing? Let’s discuss them right now in the comments below!

Kicking your video marketing into high gear

Note: P.S. Several of the video statistics were found with the help of Hubspot, Video Brewery, and Animoto.

Sean K. Fay is CEO of Envision Response.

The above blog post was adapted from the Envision Response Blog.

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