Using Digital Channels to Keep Up with U.S. Hispanics

by Julie Coons on May 11, 2015 5:27:01 PM Monthly ERA Update, Digital Marketing

Julie_Coons_200As I discussed earlier this year, Amazon is upending the entire retail category, and as direct response marketers, we must follow the consumer. Data tells us that not only are consumers changing their expectations for service and convenience, but in certain segments, they are also bypassing traditional call centers and desktop e-commerce transactions. Case in point: the rapidly changing behavior of the U.S. Hispanic consumer.

Today’s U.S. Hispanic consumers shop online more than the general population, according to a study conducted by Experian Marketing Services. In a typical month, 54 percent of Hispanic smartphone owners use their mobile browsers to visit a shopping site. Hispanics also use social media and mobile coupons more than the general market.

The study adds that adult Hispanic smartphone owners are twice as likely as non-Hispanics to say they are interested in receiving mobile ads, with 58 percent more likely to buy products advertised on their phones. Mobile coupon usage is also commonplace among this demographic. A Valassis study shows that more than 80 percent have used mobile coupons or downloaded them to a loyalty card, as opposed to 66 percent of all consumers.

When it comes to social media, 69 percent of Hispanics say they use a social media site daily compared to 62 percent of non-Hispanics. Hispanic millennials tend to use Facebook and Instagram more widely than Twitter, according to a study by IAB and Univision. What’s more, Experian found that Hispanics are 6 percent more likely to follow companies and brands on social media, and 30 percent more likely to purchase products advertised on social media sites.

The data illustrates how quickly consumer behaviors evolve, and if we, as direct-to-consumer marketers, hope to survive and thrive, we must meet consumers where they are, and appreciate how they want to be engaged. As you review ER magazine's May/June issue, you’ll not only gain greater insight into the thriving market, you’ll also appreciate the opportunities that Hispanic consumers can bring to your business.

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