Using Online Video Commerce to Unlock Sales [2014 Keynote Session]

by Megan Becker on Mar 30, 2015 7:02:00 PM D2C Convention, Digital Marketing, e-Commerce

0052-3_280There is an evolution happening with online video, brand advertising, and interactive shopping. Historically, online shopping has been an experience that is mostly driven through static images and text descriptions of products and services.

However, consumer behavior is changing, and more and more people are using online video to get information, consume content, and learn about new products and services. The amount of content available for online viewing has skyrocketed over the past few years, and numbers are only going up.

So how can direct response marketers take this exploding trend and monetize it?

Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, founder of online shopping network Joyus, outlines four lessons that direct response marketers can use to drive more sales by using online video shopping to engage consumers and enhance their shopping experience.

Lesson 1: Find the hero products. Not every product deserves a video. The best products for online video shopping solve a problem, have universal appeal, and are unique to that particular platform.

Lesson 2: Learn to Storysell, not tell. Sell the story about your product by aligning your consumer with the product, demonstrator, and the right application of the product.

Lesson 3: Effectively measure ROI. What metrics make the most sense for you? How do real-time metrics differ from Video-on-demand (VOD) metrics?

Lesson 4: Capture maximum ROI via aggressive content distribution. This does not mean buying more ads; it means supplying more editorial content and videos that are shareable and engaging.

Find out how you can apply these lessons to your business, create more content, and effectively deliver your message to consumers in the changing online shopping landscape.

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