[Video] Shazam’s Peter Szabo Keynotes about Mobile Marketing at D2C 2015

by Vi Paynich on Nov 5, 2015 5:30:00 PM D2C Convention, Digital Marketing

During the October 6 D2C keynote presentation sponsored by Quigley-Simpson entitled, “Go Beyond the TV Screen: Using Mobile Technology to Reach More Consumers,” Shazam’s senior vice president Peter Szabo enlightened the audience by addressing the many opportunities that mobile technology offers marketers today.

Shazam has successfully enhanced its capabilities beyond identifying music to enable consumers to engage with brands like Coke Zero, Jaguar, and Old Navy instantly via their mobile devices. Szabo pointed out that these campaigns achieved success as a result of the company’s ability to lead shoppers through an omnichannel experience.

Check out the full keynote presentation by clicking the video link.

View other videos from this year's D2C Convention by clicking Education Videos link.

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