Why Aren’t Companies Giving Year-Round?

by Tony Riccardi on Dec 18, 2017 3:47:23 PM Trends


Many companies hold out on charitable giving for the entire year, until a disaster, a Thanksgiving food bank or a Q4 tax break. Americans even created #GivingTuesday to increase the number of donations non-profit organizations receive after Americans purchase gifts on Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday.

Corporations could alleviate the self-inflicted pressure they put on themselves for end of year donations if they would plan a 2018 giving strategy. What are the non-profit organizations their staff is interested in supporting? Could volunteering be part of the company’s mission throughout the year? What about asking consumers to donate to that non-profit organization when they call into a contact center to order a product?

In recent months, there have been various natural disasters throughout the country and ListenTrust has been working swiftly and steadily with a leading relief organization to take incoming donation calls. The bottom line is consumers want to help. ListenTrust has witnessed an outpouring of philanthropy for causes such as disaster relief, children’s hospitals, and animal services.

In a period of three weeks, ListenTrust took over 80,000 donation calls for relief efforts related to Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Maria. To help a leading non-profit, fundraise for the cause, ListenTrust coordinated two major telethon events, one in Miami and one in Los Angeles, setting up two on-site phone banks within 24 hours of learning about the project, even sending an employee to each location to oversee the operations.

This has been a scary and sensitive time for many people who have lost homes or who have been separated from their families. We know that by working with one of the top relief organizations, we are helping make a direct and positive impact on people’s lives. Although it is an intense experience, it is a value that we instill in our company and is something our team takes pride in: we have each other’s back with 100% heart and 100% effort.

Need ideas on how to create a 2018 charitable giving plan while engaging your employees? Check in with Tony Ricciardi, President and Co-Founder of ListenTrust at tony@listentrust.com.

Tony Ricciardi is the Co-Founder and President of ListenTrust (formerly Listen Up Español), the leading bilingual call center for English and Spanish language services. Mr. Ricciardi has led his team from a small self-funded idea to create a sustainable, scalable organization. In seven years they have grown to a stable organization with 800+ employees and over $15 million in annual revenue and growing.

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