Why David Ogilvy’s Predictions About Direct Response Ring True Today

by Katie Williams on Jul 16, 2015 3:18:20 PM DRTV, ERA 25th Anniversary

David_Ogilvy-356406-editedWhen I owned my ad agency specializing in DRTV back in the 1980s and ’90s, direct response was still the black sheep of advertising—even though we had some big brand names as clients along with DR entrepreneurs. General agencies scoffed at direct response during those early years. However, there was one person who had enough foresight to declare direct response an innovative method of advertising.

In this classic video, David Ogilvy addresses direct response advertisers, stating that “the chasm between direct response and general advertising is wide. On your side of the chasm I see knowledge and reality. On the other side of the chasm I see ignorance.”

“The Father of Advertising” predicts that general advertisers will start learning from direct response. “I expect the direct response people to become an integral part of all agencies,” he says. “You have more to teach them than they have to teach you.”

Those sentiments ring 100 percent true today for marketing and advertising—including digital. What’s more, digital has helped to change the old perception of direct response, as response measurement is inherent to digital’s emergence.

Click below to view the Ogilvy video…


David Ogilvy image by Ogilvy.com

Katie Williams is president of Ideal Living.

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