Why the ERA D2C Convention Had People Buzzing

by Kristy Pinand-Dumpert on Oct 27, 2014 3:00:00 AM D2C Convention

Pinand-Dumpert_Kristy_resizedOn the heels of another successful ERA D2C Convention, I can’t help but ask myself… Does what happen in Vegas really stay in Vegas? Thank goodness the answer is NO! The weeks after the show have been busy, busy, busy! Thanks to a lively show floor, new job deals (with both old and new clients) have been flowing in! I'm looking forward to working on these new innovative products. (Shockingly not one cat item?! Have I lost my feline touch?)

The big show buzz this year was all about the educational seminars. From newbies to the industry to savvy DR marketers, the feedback about the seminar topics and panel speakers was astounding. With a little help from ERA’s Board of Directors, the Content Committee really strived to focus on the topic of multichannel marketing. Each session really hit home on the changing landscape of technology and how the new technical trends are impacting our industry—in a good way. Thank goodness it appears we will all have job security for at least the next 10 years.

It was also exciting to see how DRTV is evolving with the times. I personally loved following people (some may call it stalking but…), knowing when they “checked in” to some of the fascinating events. And ERA even stepped up their social media game by adding in a selfie competition. Perhaps I'm being biased, but I still think ERA’s Dave Martin and my own selfie should have won something—free t-shirt? Something?!

And year after year, I am proud to say that I do my best work “after hours”…at the networking events (get your mind out of the gutters). And this year the receptions during all three nights had a different, fun vibe to them. Not only were people there to make new deals and meet new people, but the atmosphere was one of excitement.

But the lights on the Vegas Strip couldn’t even come close to outshining our own Collette Liantonio. To watch my own “Commander and Chief” be awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by industry peers, was surely the highlight of the show. And kudos to ERA for what I think was the best Moxie Awards Gala I’ve seen in my short 14 years. Really looking forward to seeing what next year brings!
Kristy Pinand-Dumpert is vice president of Sales & Marketing at Concepts TV Productions. 

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