Why We Love the ERA Mentor Program (And You Should, Too!)

by Jim Perrus on Feb 24, 2015 3:00:00 AM ERA News

Why_We_Love_the_ERA_Mentor_Program-667163-editedOne of the key benefits of ERA membership is networking provided through our Mentor Program. Through the leadership of our Mentor Program Chairperson, Lori Zeller, and Membership Committee Chairperson, Debbie Skerly, ERA is able to assist new members to properly navigate through the DR community.

Mentors meet face-to-face with new members and also speak with them on a monthly basis to help them gain the most out of their ERA experience.

We’ve had many new members benefit from participating in this program. For example, Next Caller exhibited at the D2C Convention, attended Network NYC, and then became an ERA member after having positive experiences with the ERA staff and members at these events.  

Jeff Kirchick, VP, Enterprise Sales, and Sam Espinosa, SVP, Strategy & Marketing, have benefited from the Mentorship Program and working with their mentor, Loren Crannell of Moulton Logistics Management.

Jeff commented, “The mentorship program has been beneficial for Next Caller because our mentor is truly connected to everybody within the industry. Whether it is through a formal introduction or just general advice on the best way to approach a new customer, our mentor always knows the answers. It was also great to actually meet our mentor at The Great Ideas Summit in Miami, a show where we capitalized on the successes we had at the D2C Convention in September. The connections we made in Vegas led to 35 in-person meetings in Miami! Anyone who is serious about making a splash in this space can do so with the right investment and attention to detail.”

If you would like more information on the Mentor Program, please contact Jim Perrus and Lori Zeller today!

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